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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    Putting the finishing touches on an explainer article about Multiple Dispatch in Julia. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of good entry-level explainers out there, so I’m using Pokemon’s type system (Fire, Water, Normal, etc). It’s a familiar example, and maps well to the abstract idea of type system interactions.

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      My partner and I got into GeoCaching, so that’s definitely what we’ll do from time to time this week. Other than that, this week will be work work work.

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        Continuing to make the most of my unemployment.

        I finished all of the chores I wanted to get done, so now I’m going to play outside.

        I’m going to spend 3 or 4 days backpacking the Colorado Trail segment through the Lost Creek Wilderness. A few years ago a couple friends and I rode the CT on our bikes, but bikes have to detour around ~150 miles of trail through Wilderness areas that don’t allow mechanized travel. I’m going to try backpacking the segments we missed. The Lost Creek Wilderness segment isn’t particularly beautiful or exciting, but it’s relatively easy and close to home, and I haven’t backpacked in a while, so it should be a good start.

        I’m also reading quite a bit, so far mostly self-improvement/motivation books, and should finish “Atomic Habits” sometime this week.

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          Moving. I do not recommend. :)

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            Booking an interview for the podcast.

            Also trying some of the tools mentioned in this convo and writing up a blog post about some of my favorite command-line tools.

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              Should have went on scouts camp this week, which took a lot of preparation. Really hoped to go to take a week off from regular things. But sadly due to COVID I’m the only last-minute one having to stay home. :(

              So, I’ll probably be spending the week learning a new programming language, library or technique. Does anybody have a cool suggestion?

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                What languages do you normally use and have played with?

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                Well Friday is our code freeze date for my project at work, which is increasingly fictional but also kind of has to be done. We’ll probably have an essentially-working system, though the GUI and configuration has never been anything besides slightly-to-extremely fucked. Hard to find good UI people and keep their time from being poached by other projects.

                Back in the less-real world, I spent the weekend playing around mocking up a robotics system in Erlang. It was awesome, and also far more of a pain in the ass than I expected. In a good way; similar to writing Rust in that it forces you to acknowledge that a hard problem is actually hard. I think the conclusion to make is that handling time in a computer is always entirely awful no matter what.

                I then rewrote it in Rust using a very video-game-main-loop like “collect input, process stuff, produce output” structure and it was far simpler, as long as you’re fine with “let it crash” encompassing the whole program. Not the worst thing ever for internal errors, but now that I think about it, a real system would proooobably want to be at least minimally robust to hardware failures. (I’ve watched a few notable ones happen to other people recently, so it’s on my mind.) I should go back to working on my programming language side-project, but I kinda want to explore this design space more…

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                  Work, continuing Darebee exercises, and working on a couple of website projects, one for tracking my wife’s medications, and one for listing out various “powered by Janet” projects.

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                    Quite a few change requests going on at work, so a lot of maintenance window work this week unfortunately :/ Schoolwork continuing, almost done with my data structures and algorithms class, got one week left.

                    Also started playing Factorio again, been having fun with that, but I am also reminded that I don’t have time for stuff like this!!!

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                      Finished a fix for some gnarly problems with GeoTools, hoping to get some time to work on language-related stuff again (annotations instead of modifiers, unified condition expressions, etc.).

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                        Freelancing, like every other week