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    I miss the Amiga (later retroactively renamed the Amiga 1000). It was raised in such a way that the keyboard would slide underneath it. It was the first and last time Commodore did right by the Amiga’s industrial design…

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      Why do people want to have a desktop under an LCD monitor? It would waste a lot of desk space if it’s literally the exact old school form factor. You could match it to the size of a modern monitor stand, but that would look pretty weird? and won’t be big enough for a high performance system.

      ATX towers are the best :P

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        He’s right. My desk right now has a huge tower next to my monitor and it would be rad if i could go back to the old configuration of my monitor sitting on top a desktop computer.

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          I’ve got one of these tiny fan-less systems as desktop. You can screw them to the back of the monitor. Or simply have it lay on the back of the desk somewhere. Works great for me, and no big desktop needed.

          (Mine happens to be a zbox, but there are more brands)

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            that’s sweet, i’ve always wanted to set one of those up with a raspberry pi

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            Surely you don’t still have a CRT?

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              no but the stand that comes with my monitor isn’t tall enough and it seems like most monitor stands aren’t

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            Just got a 2017 iMac, which replaced my previous Thinkpad, thus ending my 20 year stint with all sorts of second-hand Linux machines. I’m liking this machine a lot, and based on this experience, The Desktop Computer is doing just fine.

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              The article is about “desktop” as in the form factor of the original IBM PC as opposed to iMacs and towers.