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    Ok, author listed 3 ways of “onboarding” used in videogames and then what?

    Maybe it is incomplete bur it just feels like yet another of those articles meant to be engaging just enough for you to read the self-promotion at the end.

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      It wasn’t just a question of listing three types of onboarding experiences, but analyzing the up and downs of each and providing a few tips to overall web products. The main point is that those experiences are applicable to a whole lot of products other than just videogames, but I gave those examples because they exemplify the best how very different scenarios may require different approaches and why they work (or not).

      The article is not meant to be misleading or incomplete, and I’ll be happy to change it if you find any way to improve it or it’s arguments.

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        I’m in the situation where this is relevant. The first intuition was that we need an explanatory text. Fortunately one of the team members came up with an idea for how to make the first experience self-evident and have things progress from there.

        If he hadn’t, an article like this would have made us think about it a bit more and arrive at the same result. At least I hope so!