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      I’d be curious to know the flip side here– what notes do you usually take as the employee in one on ones?

      In my case, I carry a black notebook that I scribble reminders in with me to most meetings. In one on ones, I generally try to write down the answers to the three questions (What am I doing well, what can I improve on, what should I stop doing?) I also like to ask about and keep track of projects in the pipeline.

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        FWIW, I write down the topics I want to discuss, in advance, so I can remember to cover everything, and I also write down the things that I need to follow up on, post the meeting.

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          I use a shared doc with reports during 1:1s so both of us are seeing the same thing and can add to it.

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      having to physically grab the notebooks can be problematic

      The notebooks are also not searchable

      An iPad can address these limitations. I seem to remember notability doing handwriting recognition to text, and all notes could be in the cloud.

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        I use a Surface and it’s fantastic. One of the killer features is that you can customize the swipes.

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        That’s a good idea! However handwriting to text in my experience is always a bit buggy, and it doesn’t deal well with schemas. How was your experience with this?