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    Wow, can’t say I have much sympathy for either side in this fight…

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      Didnt Galoob win their case back in the day allowing them to keep making the game genie? I dont see how this is materially different.

      If there was some type of protection in use, I could maaaybe see a DMCA violation claim (as distasteful as I personally find it) as being somewhat applicable. The copyright claim seems specious though.

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        From the “The Defendant and His Unlawful Acts”:

        1. The cheat software used by Defendant (and those whom Defendant induces to use such software) improperly injects unauthorized code into the active memory of the game as it runs. The cheat software manipulates the functionality of the game and gives the cheater an unfair advantage over other players, changing and disrupting the game.
        1. This unauthorized modification of the game’s code as it runs on the cheater’s computer and of the code that is sent back to Epic’s servers materially changes both the game’s code and the audio-visual aspects of the game generated by the code. These changes create a different version of the Fortnite game than the Fortnite game that is generated by Epic’s copyright protected software.
        1. In using cheat software to modify the game’s code in this way, Defendant and other cheaters who use the cheat create unauthorized derivative works based on Fortnite in violation of the Copyright Act.
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