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    Why are hardware advances linked to RISC-V? I understand why it is nice to have an open platform, but I am not sure how this helps Machine Learning. Is it because custom new AI hardware will be possible to manufacture without license? NVIDIA is already investing so much in ML, why are they not already making what people want?

    5 people with capital “P” and maybe some “C” in their job titles

    What does this mean? P’s are presidents? What is C?

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      C as in “chief” (CEO, CTO, CFO, etc.)

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        My understanding is that NVIDIA is already using RISC-V in a limited capacity: https://riscv.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Tue1345pm-NVIDIA-Sijstermans.pdf

        I guess I’m pointing to it more as an example of open-source hardware potentially leading to medium-sized shops being able to have their own custom-made ml chips that are more than an FPGA but less than investing a few hundred billion into being the next intel/amd/nvidia/ibm.

        The link itself is more like “food for thought, this might be one such thing”, but maybe a bit misleading.

        As for that quip with C, see what /u/FRIGN is saying