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I would like to suggest an illumos tag for anything related to the illumos kernel and illumos distributions.

This recent story could benefit from this tag:

A selection of older stories:

Some stories related to illumos distributions:

Stories related to the illumos community:

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      +1. The World is bigger than Linux :).

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        We do have tags freebsd, openbsd, netbsd and dragonflybsd already anyway, so Lobsters acknowledges that beyond our Linux overlords, there are also other operating systems.

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      Can’t we at least call it SunOS for us old farts?

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        I share your sense of nostalgia, but it’s been such an uphill struggle to get people to acknowledge both the name we’ve given ourselves, and that we’re a totally distinct project and body of software from That Other SunOS. I’d like it to just be illumos if we’re going to do this.

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          Oh I’m really teasing. I spent a lot of time on SunOS 4.1.1 and 4.1.3 but my later experiences on Solaris were fairly negative.

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            Ah! Yes, I am familiar with this sentiment. I gather things were not the best for quite a while after the SunOS to Solaris transition.

            Solaris 10 was brand new when I got started in a Solaris-centric UNIX group, and I feel things were pretty great by then. We had some S8 and S9 systems left for a while, but not much older than that. All I have of the SunOS 4 years are the stories of the elders. ;)

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      I’ve added an illumos tag and backfilled the tag on these stories.

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        Fantastic, thanks a lot!

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      How about solaris, so it covers all possibilities?

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        solaris today means oracle solaris. illumos as a project and as a community stand for very different things even if the code history is shared.

        Sometimes terms such as solarish or SunOS (after uname) are used to mean both, the closed version and it’s open source descendants, but I’m not sure how meaningful such a tag would be.

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        Isn’t Solaris dead?

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          No, Oracle just released a new version like, a week ago. Plus you’d cover any other Solaris forks that exist.

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            Wouldn’t OpenIndiana or OpenSolaris be a better name?

            Oracle fired pretty much all Solaris and SPARC engineers in 2017.

            As far as I know any work on Solaris is limited to maintenance, and no new features are planned.

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              illumos is the community continuation of OpenSolaris. OpenIndiana is one of the illumos distributions, but there are others like SmartOS, OmniOS and Tribblix.

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              I mean, it seems like naming the linux tag ubuntu to me. Cover all branches with the parent.

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                There’s been almost 10 years of divergence between Illumos and (Open)Solaris. I think it would be more like having a 4.4BSD tag to cover all of {Net,Free,Open,Dragonfly}BSD.

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                Mhh, I thought that my naming ideas were more inclusive, because Solaris in my mind refers to the proprietary product, while e.g. OpenSolaris covers all the descendants from the open source project.

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                  While we descended from OpenSolaris, that name doesn’t really refer to anything anymore. We (illumos) have been a wholly separate thing for around a decade now.

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      Tags are for blocking topics. Why would I be interested in operating systems / kernels but absolutely uninteresting in illumos?

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        I don’t block any tags but I subscribe to tags in my rss reader so I don’t miss anything I’m interested in.

        eg. https://lobste.rs/t/openbsd.rss