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Compared with plain paper towels, the jet dryers blow 1,300X as many viral germs if people don’t wash their hands thoroughly.


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    One thing that surprised me at first but now I’m used to after living in Singapore for a year is that there’s not often paper towels OR a hand dryer here! But after realizing that my hands have air dried a minute later anyway, the fanatical devotion in the U.S. to making sure there’s no water on your hands the instant you leave the bathroom seems a little silly.

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      This may in fact be a social good. There are some studies that suggest our obsession with cleanliness may have gone too far. It’s not a bad thing to be exposed to germs occasionally. It keeps your immune response up to date.

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        I don’t think hygiene hypothesis includes norovirus, though.

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          If so then perhaps we should set up a mist of germs and force people to walk under them each day?

          I agree with your point when it comes things like the pervasive antibiotic wipes or preventing kids from playing in the dirt, etc. But I’m not able to determine if you’re being facetious about promoting the deliberate scattering of restroom germs in a crowd.

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            I’ll admit to being somewhat facetious there.