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    Public service announcement:
    As soon as data leaves your computer bound for any online service at least one third party will have that data for eternity.

    A list of things that have no impact on this behaviour:
    But it’s <myspace/yahoo/google/facebook/apple>, they’ve got my back!
    Data retention policies
    The law says they can’t
    The message box said successfully deleted
    That company wouldn’t lie
    I’m paying for a service
    The freedom of your country
    I’m in a five eyes country (That just means there are at least 4 other eyes looking at your data as well)
    I deleted it from the service, there’s no way another service would have scrapped it, right?
    I’m a celebrity

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      Dropbox, and Edward Snowden, have made it very clear that they do not value your privacy. Move your content to Spideroak.