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    The fact that six people have voted in favor of this article is, in my opinion, fucked up.

    It bears repeating that we owe the compiler to Grace Hopper; we owe frequency-hopping spread-spectrum radio to Hedy Lamarr; that without Nancy Lynch literally hundreds of papers in distributed systems, including her celebrated proof of the CAP theorem, would not exist; that modulo Lynn Conway superscalar architectures would look quite different; that Erna Hoover’s literally invented stored program control for Bell Labs while on maternity leave; that the packets for this web page were routed via Lydia Perlman’s Spanning Tree Protocol, that we owe strong behavior subtyping to Barbera Liskov, Random Early Detection to Sally Floyd, and a wealth of compiler optimizations to Fran Allen.

    The field of computer science was literally built on the backs of women whose profession named them “computers”, and despite facing hostile workplaces and pernicious discrimination they continue to advance the field in every aspect. At engineering conferences and workshops I consistently meet women with inspiring drive, talent, experience, and amicability; in combinations as diverse as the men this article finds so universally appealing. They are my mentors, colleagues, and pupils alike.

    Please do not consider this this essay generalizable. To believe this does a disservice to the field, to your company, and to your friends.