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    “Professionally” used literally for once. Kinda buried at the bottom, pay to use.

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      Like most things in the market slug is aimed at it’s worth it. We (game developers) all buy things like Bink, wwise/fmod, RAD Telemtry and Basis for a reason. They have some of the smartest people in the industry putting thousands of hours into them. Edit: It would be nice if it was FOSS, but when we value an engineers time at > $100k/yr, the price tag on something like this is a lot easier to swallow.

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        Why is Bink (still) a thing? Modern games barely play any video at all (apart from the super rare FMV projects), and somehow services whose primary and only purpose is playing video — i.e., YouTube — get away with VP9.

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          Why is Bink (still) a thing?

          Look around more!

          How many in-game menus have streaming video in the background or on a side panel during a briefing? How many in-game surfaces have streaming texture updates from a decoded video stream?


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            IIRC Bink is significantly less cpu-intensive than VP9, which may be useful if you’re e.g. loading a level while showing FMV.

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            I kind of feel like working at RAD would be the kind of olympic gold metal of game software engineering.