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    It’s getting better, but for a long time it was almost impossible to code in Swift if you weren’t on a Mac.

    Ever as always, Apple will care and feed its stable of developers for its platform, and remain an insular ecosystem.

    Not a bad thing, they’re certainly making plenty of money off of this model, but if you’re someone who, like I am, is interested in developing applications with wider reach there’s not much draw there.

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      Swift tensorflow looks like it might be a really interesting alternative to python frameworks sometime soon.

      That’s the only reason I’ve found to use Swift outside of Apple’s ecosystem.

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      As I understand by looking at website, Kitura is a web framework. If it will be abandoned, it does not mean you will never be able use Swift on server. Isn’t it usable without Cocoa and other proprietary MacOS libs?

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        Perhaps one of the reasons for stopping work on it is that it looks like Vapor is more popular: https://swift.libhunt.com/compare-kitura-vs-vapor?rel=cmp-lib