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I noticed there are many tags missing that I would expect to be able to choose when submitting a story. Some examples off the top of my head: java, scala, clojure, erlang, git, mercurial… It looks like users can’t create new tags, unless I’m missing something. How are new tags added?

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    Whenever you wonder how lobsters works, you can check the code. It looks like there is no interface for adding tags, I guess they’re created from the Rails console.

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      Ah, good point. I didn’t think of looking at the code.

      I suppose my question was more along the lines of, What’s the policy? The submission guidelines mention that if there’s no tag for your story it likely doesn’t belong on lobsters. But that seems a bit restrictive right now since there aren’t that many tags (yet).

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      No, normal user do not seem to be able to add new tags. I guess that only administrators can do it. I’m sure that the decision to not allow everybody to add tags is because tags would be quickly duplicated and non-standardized.

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        The sites at stackexchange got this working, and the community is actively working on improving the tags. Maybe lobste.rs could have it implemented in a similar way?

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          You are right, stackexchange tags work very well.

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        In a meta post, which can be found here: https://lobste.rs/s/p6asvq/more_tags

        Suggest tags as standalone comments with explanations, and upvote the tags you want to see added.

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          We could have a “tag” tag – if it reaches the top then it would be a candidate for creation.