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Final quarter of the year!

Template below:

**Company:** XXXXXX

**Company site:** XXXXX

**Position(s):** XXXXXX

**Location:** XXXXXX (please specify whether REMOTE or ONSITE)

**Description:** XXXX

**Tech stack:** XXXXXX

**Contact:** XXXXXX
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    Company: Twitter

    Position: PhD (grad student or postdoc) intern

    Location: Remote, or possibly SF/NYC/Seattle/Boulder/Toronto/Singapore/London when safe.

    Description: Open-ended research internship on applied “systems-y” team.

    We had two PhD interns this past year. One has an accepted first-author paper at OSDI and another paper under submission to NSDI. The other has work that will probably turn into one or two first-author papers. Both interns were remote and we expect this to be the case for this coming year as well. Our team was roughly half remote before the pandemic and we have a remote friendly workflow.

    The team works on a wide variety of systems problems (cache, storage, scheduling, distributed tracing, kernel tracing, automated systems parameter tuning, monitoring, machine health, etc.). We (full-time folks on the team) often don’t have the bandwidth to go after the kind of work that turns into papers and write it up, but we have no shortage of problems for you to work on if that’s something you’re interested in and you can work on open-ended problems mostly independently. In some cases, we have ideas for suggested approaches that we think are promising (this was the case with some of the papers mentioned above).

    Tech stack: the company is primarily a Java/Scala shop, but we have a lot of problems that are lower level than this (e.g., one of our interns last year primarily worked in C and a significant fraction of his work was related to PMEM applications) as well as higher level (some tech stack independent examples that are arguably “above” our JVM code include data analysis, novel visualizations, and simulation).

    Contact: [my full name]@twitter.com

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        Holy shit, this is not okay. If he wanted to include his full email, he would have included his full email.

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          Probably should edit out the final email. I’m guessing, and I can be wrong about the motivation, that he redacted it to not have it linked on the page.

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        Company: Fastmail

        Company site: Fastmail.com

        Position(s): Platform/Ops Team Lead

        Location: Philadelphia [On site when safe to do so]

        Description: Fastmail doesn’t just provide great email services. We are the driving force behind the Cyrus open source mail server platform, as well as JMAP, a standard for email, contacts, calendars, and more. We’re looking for a team lead to keep service reliable and responsive. Our platform team keeps the servers running at their best, and keeps improving what “their best” means. We need someone to be part of, and lead, that team. Read more at: https://www.fastmail.com/about/jobs/2020-06-platform-lead/

        Tech stack: Our systems are mostly Debian. You’ll definitely end up working in shell and Perl. (If you’re curious: we use Apache, Consul, Cyrus, MySQL, nginx, Postfix, Prometheus, and of course many other things.)

        Contact: platform-lead@jobs.fastmailteam.com

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          Company: Code Yellow BV

          Company site: https://www.codeyellow.nl/vacanCY.html

          Position(s): Medior / Senior Front-End Developer, Medior / Senior Backend Developer, and more

          Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands (ONSITE)

          Description: We build (web / mobile) applications that streamline critical business processes. Because each application is part of a critical process, it is used intensively by thousands of employees daily. The clients range in different fields: transport, sales, health, production and telecom. The range of different fields gives insight in problems unique to those fields, but also interesting overlapping problems.

          Tech stack: Django, Postgres, React, Flutter, Docker, Cypress

          Contact: contact@codeyellow.nl or DM me

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            Company: DHIS2

            Company site: https://www.dhis2.org

            Position(s): Frontend Engineer, Backend Engineer, Developer advocate

            Location: ONSITE (Oslo, Norway), or REMOTE.

            Description: At DHIS 2 we are making a positive impact on the world. DHIS 2 software engineers develop a platform used to improve health care at a global scale. We work directly with end-users in order to understand how our system is being used. DHIS 2 developers work in small teams and have great impact on the product. We are seeking a software engineer who is passionate about developing elegant, high-performance web applications.

            DHIS 2 is a web-based, open source data platform used by governments, international development agencies and NGOs in more than 90 countries worldwide. It is currently recognized as the world’s most widely adopted e-health information platform. The system is used to improve access and use of information within health, education, sanitation, nutrition, disaster relief and other domains. The platform has become a global standard within international development and has a huge impact on the way health systems are being managed.

            More information: frontend engineer, backend engineer, developer advocate

            Tech stack: Frontend in ReactJS, backend in Java.

            Everything we build is BSD licensed and public, so feel free to check out:

            Contact: viktor@dhis2.org

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              Company: Near Earth Autonomy

              Company site: https://www.nearearth.aero/careers

              Position(s): Devops engineer, C++ software engineer

              Location: USA, Pittsburgh PA or Seattle WA (ONSITE, remote is possible but onsite is preferred for new people, most work is remote for the pandemic)

              Description: We make flying robots. What’s not to like? It’s a small company of about 90 people working on developing technologies needed for autonomous flight in tough environments, both for drones and full-size helicopters. Applications include surveying/inspection and cargo transportation, but in practice that means the company ends up including everything from hacking things together with bash to optimizing C++ numerical code to writing web UI’s to performing test flights. We don’t build aircraft, we build systems for aircraft, so it’s software and robotics more than traditional aviation. Robotics experience is useful but not necessary, the main requirements are passion and skill. It is a company with many potential niches, and these job postings are for the niches that focus more on taking experimental software and making it robust to produce reliable, repeatable and provable results. The software engineer position will be doing this for specific software projects, the devops engineer will be doing this via working with our CI, simulation and deployment infrastructure.

              Tech stack: C++, Python, ROS, Linu, Docker, Ansible

              Contact: info@nearearth.aero or DM me

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                Company: SeedFi

                Company site: https://www.seedfi.com/

                Position(s): Senior React Native Engineer, Software Engineering New Grad (Summer 2021), Software Engineering Intern (Summer 2021)

                Location: SF, NYC, or Remote (USA)

                Description: We build financial products for the 100M Americans who live paycheck to paycheck. Our customers are the most vulnerable members of society, and our products tangibly improve their financial health. We’re backed by A16Z, and our founders have decades of experience in the lending industry.

                There are many fintech startups trying to differentiate themselves, capture customers, and then figure out how to make a profit later. We’re proudly starting from the other side…we’re adding the banking after getting the unit economics to work!

                Many of the products we’re building don’t have any existing analogues in the market, so we’re looking for engineers with an entrepreneurial bent. Our team experiments frequently, iterates quickly, and we use both data and customer feedback to measure our success.

                We’ve purposefully kept a low profile, so we’ll tell you much more about our products during the interview process!

                You can read more here: https://www.seedfi.com/jobs

                Tech stack: Node, TypeScript, Express, React, Postgres, AWS

                Contact: email (jobs at company domain) or DM me

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                  Company: Cisco Systems

                  Company site: cisco.com

                  Position(s): Senior Software Engineer (roughly 5-7 yrs experience)

                  Location: ONSITE San Jose, CA (WFH for now) or REMOTE in US time zones.

                  Description: Join a team that builds linux cluster platforms for datacenter networking products. We actively work on every level from the kernel to container infrastructure and building services on kubernetes. Our work is the base for multiple shipping Cisco products and the list is growing. For an example, see the recently announced Cisco Nexus Dashboard Platform.

                  We are looking for capable generalists with experience in microservices, kubernetes and related tech - the top end of our stack. Ideally we want people who take pride in shipping, and shipping quality.

                  Familiarity with software-defined networking concepts is a plus but not strictly necessary.

                  Tech stack: linux, go, kubernetes, lxc, shell, python, etc.

                  Contact: DM me here.

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                    Company: Inch

                    Company site: https://inch.fr

                    Position: Senior Full Stack Developer

                    Location: Paris, France (onsite, partial remote OK but you must live near Paris and speak French)

                    Description: We’re a small company (10 people) making a SaaS CRM & ticketing solution for property managers in the French (and Belgian) market.

                    Tech stack: Rails, React, PostgreSQL

                    Contact: me (pierre at company domain)