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      Truly, I have met humans falling short of the uncanny valley.

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      All I had to do was submit a GDPR data request, wait a few days for the cloud to think and then I got a 3 gigabyte zip file full of everything I’ve ever tweeted. Cool!

      In case anyone else is looking to get a copy of their Twitter data you don’t need to submit a GDPR data request. You can request a data export right from your profile: https://help.twitter.com/en/managing-your-account/how-to-download-your-twitter-archive

      I do this occasionally so I have a copy of my own tweets that’s easy to ripgrep through to find stuff I liked in the past (as I don’t believe there’s a way to search your likes on Twitter).

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        I would like to do the same thing but out of iPhone Messages app, and without a 3rd party app.

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      There’s not some objective scale that can say that something is or is not an art. Art is imagined and we are conditioned to believe that things are or are not art based on our upbringing.

      I agree. I was convinced of that after I viewed and thought about Improv Everywhere’s subway art gallery opening in 2009. With the right mindset, I can perceive “Locked Box #2” as an interesting sculpture.

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      Nota bene: a small IRC channel I’ve been on for years switched our shitposting bot from Markov chains to GPT a while ago and it’s been a tremendously steaming success.

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      Takes me back to 2015 when a lot of people started doing these xyz_ebooks twitter accounts with remixes of their tweets. I only remember that the software was written in ruby, but not the name.

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      Now, what you should do is periodically asking the Art or Not bot on twitter whether your tweets are or not and have a status page somewhere with a graph of how much of your art Art or Not considers art over time

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        I would, but this is not a twitter bot. This is a fediverse bot. With the recent developments involving Twitter, I am moving more of my online presence to the fediverse in hopes that I will have a bit more control over how I do things online.

        That’s a great idea though. But I’m half considering making an “art or not” bot that just always replies “yes” :P

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      Hello, Marcy V. Shaney.