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    Lockitron is way cooler. https://lockitron.com/

    It’s even based on open-source hardware so you can open up the device and have other devices open your door rather than just your iPhone.

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      Sounds like a nightmare.

      Imagine that in the near future you were burgled without obvious signs of breaking and entering…

      Tenant: But I locked my door when I left on friday! I’m sure I did!

      Insurance bureaucrat: But your lock, windows and door are all whole and the lock-log doesn’t have a break-in alert logged, it just show that you sir, entered your apartment at just before midnight on saturday.

      Tenant: But I was on a freakin' airplane at the time!

      Insurance bureaucrat: Our records clearly show that you entered your home and therefore can’t pay you for this supposed burglary and items you claim are missing.

      Tenant: GAH!

      Insurance bureaucrat: If you persist in claiming this was a burglary, we will have to sue you fraud. And according to our terms of service you agreed not to mention any insurance claims in public, regardless of their outcome. If you do, it’s slander and we’ll sue.

      Have a good day sir and good bye.

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        That is sweet tubbo, thanks for the link. It looks way easier to install. I hope it makes it to market.

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          No information on the protocol that it uses, or what type of encryption they’re using. Before I used something like this, I’d want to see how they do it.