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I don’t care about mechanical keyboards and want to filter out stories related to them, without filtering out other hardware stories. Anecdotally it seems like over half of hardware submissions are about keyboards.


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    I like the lobste.rs convention where tag suggestion posts are backed up by numbers. Rather than ‘anecdotally it seems like’ it would make a clear case here to put specific numbers on this.

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      Makes sense. I just searched for the hardware tag - on the first page, there are 25 stories. Of those there are 10 that only have the hardware tag and nothing else. 3 of those are about keyboards (one of which is keyboard firmware, which wouldn’t really count). This is less severe than I recalled it being, which is great.

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      Honestly, I wouldn’t mind having this tag. I come here for technical content. Keyboard falls into the periphery of that, and really only relates to “how we do our work”. Even though I do have mechanical keyboards at all my workstations, I don’t really feel like this is really on-topic for Lobste.rs. Being able to filter it out would be great.

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        I don’t care about Apple computers and want to filter out stories related to them, without filtering out other hardware stories.

        I don’t care about Amiga and want to filter out stories related to it, without filtering out other hardware stories.

        I don’t care about x86 CPUs and want to filter out stories related to them, without filtering out other hardware stories.

        I don’t care about people whining about the content being posted here and want to filter out questions related to them, without filtering out other meta posts.

        etc., etc

        Tags are not for filtering, but to categorize stories in some logical order directed by site admin, more to promote specific kinds of posts rather than let them die. I also don’t think adding yet another category is reasonable at all, there’s already too much of them.

        In the perfect setup IMO, the tags should indicate the kind of post itself - and it’s already done for “show”, “video”, “meta”. But I would like to see a difference between “article” (blog post, news, paper related to the particular point of time with the date explicitly stated in description) and “timeless” links like the homepage of interesting software or some howto/essay which is valid in 2002 and 2020 in the same way - for example, vim project homepage would be like this, but “why you should use vim in 2137 for the greater good” is definitely an time-related article. With this approach and a bit of sensible UX, the “timeless” links won’t be lost after a few weeks of front-page history.

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          Tags are not for filtering

          Yes they are. That’s why there is a filtering function for tags. It’s even explicitly called out as one of the functions in the “About” section of the site.

          there’s already too much of them.

          I’m here because of the tag system. If there wasn’t a tag system here that I could use to filter out uninteresting things, then why would I be here instead of HN or Reddit? The same links are posted to all those places. You just can’t see them because they are drowned out in all the noise. That is what the filtering and tag system is there to prevent.

          If the amount of posts on Lobste.rs increased by a factor of 10, tags would be the only way to filter out what you don’t find interesting and since there’s regularly people calling for tags to filter out stuff that’s posted here, then it seems the growth is already hitting a pain point for many, so no, there are still not enough of them.

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            If number of base tags are too many, perhaps some sort of hierarchical tag system would make sense?

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              I’ve yet to understand the concept of there being “too many tags”. Is it because posts have many of them and it makes the titlebar of posts cluttered? Is it because it’s difficult to find the tags when you need to filter them, or if you want to look through them for some content? What is it?

              To me the tag system is dysfunctional because there aren’t enough tags, and when there are tags, they are too general. The “Linux” or “Windows” tags are entirely unhelpful to me as those are just way too broad to have any use. I guess a few people can get some use out of them, but I can’t. Just see this very post. As of writing, 7 people have hidden this post. I’d imagine those people would wish this kind of topic was tagged as “tag request” so they could filter them away.

              I’d rather have many, many more tags so that posts could actually be categorised in a helpful way and I wish the tagging system was extended a lot. I wish the filtering worked so that I could combine tags into filters. Something like “meta && hardware” would only filter out posts if both tags matched. That way I can still se meta posts and hardware posts, but posts that are tagged as both would be filtered out. This would help a lot if you care about two separate topics, but not the intersection or something like that.