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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    So, my idea of using formal methods to help develop our core systems (they need to be very robust, payments and money stuff) has been received with excitement, so I’ll be writing models for one of the systems to show the rest of the team and start teaching them how this works and what the process will be from now on.

    Super excited about this.

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      The dream! What tools/languages are you using to create the models?

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      • Advent of Code in Go. Been stuck on Day 4, hoping to crack it and move ahead soon
      • Slowly read through the Google Spanner paper for a papers-we-love meetup next week. I am not presenting, but I want to go well-prepared, so that I don’t zone out
      • Continue poking around x86-64 nasm programming aided by Jo Van Hoey’s book. My extremely ambitious goal is to take a crack at Advent of Code problems in x86-64 assembly once I feel comfortable with it eventually
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        I have loads of vacation time left, so this Wednesday is my last day of work for the year. Coincidentally, it is also the day that the first instalment of the single-player campaign for Halo Infinite is suppose to come out, so I have a pretty good idea of what I’m going to be doing as soon as I finish work.

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          GopherCon 2021!

          Considering some VPN options since I’m getting interested in giving CTFs a try :)

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            I don’t think you need a VPN to play CTFs.

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              true…. but if I might be doing some brute forcing or something, not really interested in letting my ISP know :)

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              What are CTFs?

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                Capture The Flag, pretty much hacking for fun and learning about infosec.

                Stuff like this: https://overthewire.org/wargames/ but there are also competitions :D

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                  Wow, the link to the CTF wargames is fun. Thank you. Adding this to my weekend to-do.

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              Advent of Code, doing it in Erlang this year. I can’t say I’m finding learning the language very challenging so far even though I’ve never used it before, it feels a lot like I’m writing OCaml without types. I’m hoping there’s some problems I can solve using the concurrency features, but I fear I’ll have to learn that with a separate side project.

              Next year I’m gonna try doing it in something more low-level, some kind of assembly or Forth or just C. I feel like I want to optimize my Erlang solutions but there’s only so much you can do when you’re stuck in immutable land.

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                I’m starting a month leave this week to cool off, deal with burn out, and get my side project, Neovide, into a better place maintenance wise. Need a break :)

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                  • Catch up on the advent of code in Nim; I hope to have the day 5 done before this weekend !
                  • Go running/climbing to prepare for all the good food of christmas
                  • Take time to read
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                    I’m staying home to avoid catching COVID-19 while the rest of the people I work with fly out to a big city to meet in person and have their holiday parties. (Fully vaccinated, but not boosted, and I’m not in a hurry to travel again until total cases/day hits less than 1000 for several weeks straight.)

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                      Advent of Code. (Lean Prover version 3) Reading. Turning chess with my daughter into a regular thing.

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                        Debating if I want my sabbatical to be over already or not. It’s only been about 7 weeks since I left my last job, but I stumbled on a gig that sounds like it would be super low stress, working with a small team, writing rust, actually beneficial to the world (of software), and targets other developers as customers, which checks all the boxes I told myself I’d look for in whatever I did next. was planning on not having a job for longer than this, but it honestly doesn’t sound like the worst thing in the world.

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                          • Attempting to stick with Advent of code longer than I have in previous years. (I think I’ve managed to day 5 before, currently solving day 3 this year)
                          • Trying to get the Z4 through it’s MOT. Fixed the airbag light at the weekend, chucking it in with a busted door lock in the hope it passes. (It’s only bust from the outside, so there’s less of a safety concern in a crash for folks getting out.)
                          • Attempting to run the household solo whilst working full time as half the house is in self-isolation. (Basically it’s impossible to do everything successfully, thankfully work are super understanding which is a great help.)
                          • Flying to Lanzarote on Friday for a long weekend away; last of the winter sun, cannot wait.
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                            I’m slowly working on improvements to some OSS Python projects that I’m using for work in pursuit of 24pullrequests laurels for the first year in several. However, we’re six days in and I’ve got one PR shipped… *woosh* goes the sound of deadlines passing by.

                            I’m also working on some automation for analyzing voter registration data that my county publishes. The data is delivered in CSV format but has a whole bunch of PDFs that describe the data in many of the columns in the CSV. It’s a laborious amount of data entry but it’s one-time with two dumps per year so it shouldn’t be that hard to set it up once and establish a nice PR workflow for a small team to update the parts of the data that can be published (data like names and addresses cannot be published).

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                              Trying to help land my parts of a sprint at work, and I’ll be trying to finish up my first week’s worth of #astheadventisdrawn. Been enjoying Notion a lot as a tool for a general second brain.

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                                Upgrading/Testing Qubes 4.1 and trying to do some paid work, while trying not to worry about whether the US Navy has already rendered my and millions of others’ drinking water permanently toxic. And waiting for it to get light out so I can see what getting 9 inches of rain in just over 24 hours has done to the neighborhood. Oof.

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                                  The main thing is recovering from covid. The worst of it’s behind me, but I have a lingering cough, a bit of congestion, and no smell.

                                  And I have a job interview (virtual, of course) on Wednesday that I’m pretty excited about. It’s 3D graphics/CAD related, looks like a great company to work for, and is easy biking distance from my apartment, so I’m really hoping it goes well.

                                  And I just started reading Stanisław Lem’s “Return from the Stars”, and hope to finish it this week.

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                                    Have you thought of a rehabilitation routine for recovering your sense of smell? I’m thinking you’d need the “wiggle your toe” equivalent, maybe meditate with some incense >.< in all seriousness though I hope you make a full recovery!

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                                      Thank you!

                                      I read it typically comes back after 1-2 weeks, so at this point I’m not worrying about it too much and waiting to see what happens.

                                      Smell training”, is a thing, though, and appears to help people.

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                                    Game prototyping. Over the weekend I made a simple loop prompting “write a program to match this input,” which takes an RPN response, compares it against my solution (testing with 0..100), and adds a mismatch to the prompt. Possible next directions:

                                    • Control structures
                                    • Structured data, structured language (cons, lists?)
                                    • More effectively find counterexamples, this would be a good excuse to learn some more Z3, work through Bradley & Manna’s The Calculus of Computation, or pick up Alloy.

                                    But I’m most enthusiastic about making it visual and gamelike, hopefully to suggest a more interesting mechanic. I’ve tried a few different styles of visual RPN for touchscreen, but I want something more in the vein of topdown 2D Zelda.

                                    I’ll finish playing the Early Access computer architecture game Turing Complete. Not recommended so far, doesn’t hold up as a game, I’m writing up some hopefully constructive criticism.