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    This is great news! Unlike Chrome they won’t be impairing ad blockers by dropping support for webRequest blocking, which they’ll maintain in addition to offering Chrome’s declarativeNetRequest API

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      As an extension developper who works on very stateful extensions (can’t do otherwise due to performance reasons), having to make my extensions’ background process “restartable” is going to be a nightmare.

      I also dread the new permission model, I already audit the code of the extensions I install, I don’t want to have to manually allow them to run on websites every time I install them.

      I can see how these changes are great from an end-user point of view though. I’m just sad that this continues to follow the trend of improving things for “normal” users while “technical users” are left behind. I guess it makes sense though, the pool or normal users is much larger that the pool of technical users and Mozilla wants to grow.

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        And yet, it’s continuing to shrink.

        Firefox should realize that there’s no market in being the second best product for the biggest user pool.

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          It’s shrinking in relative numbers, but is it shrinking in absolute numbers too?