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    For those who were not there: this is how Twitter started, as an SMS-to-tumblelog gateway.

    Next step adding followers and SMS notifications? :)

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      WOW, this is far and away my favorite small internet thing I’ve ever used. Thank you so much for sharing this, and for whoever is running this too. I’d be thrilled to see the source!

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        Second person wishing we could see the source for this! This is so nifty, though the CSS could stand to not be from the mid 90s :)

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          I’m guessing the bracketed bit is a US regional prefix and this is a US phone number? So to text it internationally you’d prefix an additional +1. But I’m not going to test it because I’m fairly sure I’ll be billed for international SMS at a bad rate by my telco.

          I wonder if this service will reply to international SMS and whether their telco does that inclusive or at a reasonable rate.

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            Hmmm, all we need is an email->SMS gateway with a US number then… :D

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            Wow, this is very nice. Favourite thing I have seen this year!