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    I find it really depressing, but not surprising, that Erlang isn’t getting support but Elixir is. While it is more work to write a library which works for both languages, its upsetting that a company as large as Google chooses not to take the time and effort to. I really hope this doesn’t set a precedent going forward for the Elixir community. Every new Elixir library only provides a library for Elixir where as every new Erlang library provides a library for every language which targets the BEAM vm.

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      I am just glad that BEAM is getting its day out in the sun, so to speak whether it’s via Elixir or Erlang, but honestly, I find Elixir much more approachable as a beginner. Somehow I feel José Valim figured out how to port “Joy of Programming” from Ruby to Elixir