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    Let’s add some custom fonts, shall we? We’re going to use the same fonts as I use on this site, which are Fira Sans for the headers and Merriweather for all the body text.

    Maybe unpopular opinion: I’m really tired of seeing Open Sans, Merriweather and Lato in particular as web fonts. They’re the Times New Roman of web typography. I get it, they look appealing and it’s tempting to follow choices other people have made for fear of making a worse mistake. But when they’re just everywhere, you might as well have just used font-family: serif and created more of an impression.

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      It’s all about personal opinion, right? For me, Merriweather is a beautiful serif don’t, that’s why I use it. I don’t care how often it’s used, it makes content look good and easy to read.

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      Kev’s writing is always a pleasure to read, but this short series really piqued my interest. It’s nice to see that you can still hand-code a site, yet looks modern and has understandable code. I’m now seriously considering writing a site for myself. Thanks Kev!

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        Happy to help! If you do, please sent me a like to your site, I’d love to see it.

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        I’ve really enjoyed this series of tutorials/guides :)

        Great reference material for now and the future.

        Thank you