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    I love containers, they’re a big selling point for FF.

    However I’m finding it harder and harder to keep using Firefox, not because of any fault of theirs, but because I feel like commercial web developers are putting less and less emphasis on testing their sites with Firefox :(

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      Yes, it seems each month, another website I used to use no longer works in firefox :(

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        You can still use Firefox user agent string even if you never to another browser when necessary. At least you improve the stats :-)

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        I have one container for gmail, one for facebook, others are not in any containers, but Cookie AutoDelete is turned on to aggressively remove all the cookies, except for couple of URL (like *.lobste.rs).

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          How do you find Cookie AutoDelete? I have been using Self Destructing Cookies on Firefox for ages and they got the UI exactly right: they don’t actually delete the cookies (at least, not immediately), they just move them aside so that the browser doesn’t see them anymore. This means that they can provide an undo button - if you discover that a site saved some state that you care about then you can move the cookies back into place. This means that they can tune the deletion policy to something incredibly aggressive because there’s always a working ‘undo’ button. It looks like Cookie AutoDelete removes the cookies immediately?

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          I am really curious how everyone else uses Firefox containers. I jumped to using containers very early on, and now I am stuck with a very large number of temporary containers (that shows up in the multi-account containers button).

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            I’m just separating classes of websites. I don’t worry about one bank trying to exploit another so they all go into finance container. Emails into another. Work communication into another. Etc. Everything random is in default, because there’s no value there.

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              I use it mostly with weird work-related identity issues (think SSO gone awry with multiple accounts) works wonderfully… literally a game changer for my use case, I can’t use any other browser now

              I am experiencing a weird bug at the moment where I accidentally told a site to always open in a container, and don’t want that any more and it won’t unremember it… Haven’t looked too deeply into it

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                I love them. I have them separated by work, general, social, shopping and just use the corresponding container for activity.

                Sometimes when I have to deal with multiple logins for e.g. gmail it’s super convenient to be logged in within the corresponding container and not worry about switching accounts and whatnot.

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                  I keep many more or less trustworthy sites in categories, but keep each social media site in its own container, as well as the major shopping and media sites, mostly just to avoid retargeting. There isn’t much in the web of the wide world that pisses me off more than getting bombed with advertisements for stuff I already bought, or decided against.