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I’m currently considering switching to Android (from iOS), specifically to AOSP with as less Google proprietary stuff as possible, so I’m wondering if anyone here tried compiling AOSP from source and using it. How complicated was the process? Which device would you recommend for such purpose? What software do you use to substitute Google Play Services? Any other app recommendations?

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      I use LineageOS for microG, not compiled from source currently, but I did compile CyanogenMod (LineageOS predecessor) a couple times in the past (when a new version was available, but official builds for my device weren’t).

      microG is the only real substitute for Play Services, it provides a FOSS client for Google push notifications and stuff.

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        I mention this fairly frequently so I hope I don’t sound like a broken record - one security downside to MicroG is that you need to enable signature spoofing so that it can impersonate the official Google Play Services.

        Personally, I’m willing to give up push notifications for proprietary apps. There are plenty of FOSS apps that don’t depend on Google Cloud Messaging.

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          But the impersonation also requires a permission. Only microG is allowed to impersonate Play Services, not any random app you have installed. I’m perfectly fine with that.