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    It landed, but I still have some follow up work to get full support for all types of snapshots. The process that does disk I/O starts with the fds preopened, and is chrooted and pledged, which makes opening the base images of the multi disk snapshots hard.

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      Thanks for working on this.

      (I’m really hoping that someday I’ll be able to install Debian under vmm(4) from official install media. Currently it doesn’t detect any CD drives, and I’ve not been able to figure out why).

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        Because Debian install media lack virtio drivers.

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          I wonder if we could persuade them to include them?

          I suppose virtualbox and qemu emulate physical CD drives rather than virtio?

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      Thanks ori :)

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        Maybe next month I can try porting HAMMER2 to OpenBSD…. It would be nice to have a power-loss-resilient file system underpinning my vms.