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I thought this was worthy of note in that Ubuntu beat OS X so handily not only in disk and CPU benchmarks, but also in graphics, where OS X has typically shined.


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    Side note: Have I missed any discussion on an HFS+ successor (first-party) since Apple dropped interest in ZFS years ago? HFS+ is really showing its age on modern SSDs.

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      There’s been no official word from Apple and I don’t recall having seen any hints that they’ve got something in the works.

      Perhaps interestingly, the Yosemite installer converts existing internal volumes to Core Storage volumes, even ones that don’t seem to “need” its features. Some have taken that as a sign that they’re getting positioned to make some more changes to the file system; but a simpler explanation might be that it’s to make the install process smoother: whereas FileVault used to be opt-in, it’s now opt-out and, since it requires Core Storage volumes and the system requires a restart after converting old-style volumes to Core Storage, they may just be doing the conversion to everyone during the first installer phase to save a restart later on.

      Anyway, Siracusa’s review has more info on this if you’re interested: http://arstechnica.com/apple/2014/10/os-x-10-10/2/

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        Good info, thanks. I played around with CS in Mountain Lion in the hopes of using volumes directly with virtualization (a la Linux KVM + LVM volumes) but didn’t get very far with it.