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      Warning, this site appears to be hacked – the article showed up, but a few seconds later redirected to a blank page at a different site with a weird hostname that asked permission to pop up notifications… (Safari 14.1 on macOS 11.3 beta, with the Ghostery blocker plugin installed.)

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        You might want to send them a message. It seems to be Wordpress, so not that weird if it was compromised. I haven’t had a redirect but I’m behind seven proxies. (Joking, just AdBlock and pihole). Here is the archived version: https://archive.md/NSHex

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        I can’t help but wonder if this could have been avoided if they just blogged about a memory safe language instead.

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        I didn’t have that problem for this site on iOS. But I have occasionally had that problem on random sites, totally unreproducible. I suspect it’s malware embedded in ads, but I can’t prove it since I don’t browse the internet with a debugger open.

        This site doesn’t seem to have ads, so who knows? Definitely weird. I wasn’t able to reproduce on my Mac either, with Ghostery enabled or disabled.

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      Summary: choosing good names is important. If you inherit legacy code were no effort was spent on naming, you can improve it (once you start understanding what it does) by changing the names to reflect what the code is doing.