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    L-systems are seemingly simple and creates a powerful framework for describing shapes. Sadly, I never encountered it during my programming experiments or in production. It is probably useful for generative art. I created a vm for libfive that translated some kind of L-system into a 3d shape.

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      Let’s post a link to The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants PDF then.

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        Kinda looks a lot like lambda calculus, specifically beta reduction. The fact that they are called L-Systems is amusing because if wikipedia is to be trusted, it looks like the L in L system comes from “Lindenmayer”.

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          There are a lot of rewriting systems out there. They probably all look like lambda calculus if that’s the only one you’ve ever encountered, but the differences can be substantial; beyond the actual rules used by specific grammars, they mostly consist of different schemes for rule application and conflict resolution. [edit: also topology.] Lindenmayer was a biologist, so it’s not too surprising that he independently discovered some math also used by linguists and logicians.

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          Somewhat unrelated but why is this website trying to play audio in my browser?

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            There are looping muted videos (“gifs”), but nothing that plays any audio. A speaker icon for audio doesn’t appear in Firefox and Chrome at least