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Seymour Papert’s Mindstorms was published by Basic Books in 1980, and outlines his vision of children using computers as instruments for learning. A second edition, with new Forewords by John Sculley and Carol Sperry, was published in 1993. The book remains as relevant now as when first published almost forty years ago.


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    This is a very interesting book. I checked it out of the library around 20 years ago, and I’m taking the chance to re-read it now. It’s a little bit dated, and most of Papert’s dreams of revolutionizing education have, alas, not come to pass. But the epistemological ideas it presents are interesting, and if that’s not your cup of tea then maybe the historical stuff about the genesis of Logo will be.

    On a personal note, reading Mindstorms and searching for a free Logo all those years ago led me to UCBLogo. When I downloaded UCBLogo and found a strange file inside called “GPL”, I read it in its entirety, and that was my introduction to open source, which has been a major part of my life, in one way or another, ever since. If that colorful cover hadn’t caught my eye on the shelf, who knows what I would be doing today?