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    Well holy shit, this is big news.

    I had assumed it was likely that chemical batteries had already reached a permanent plateau in capacity, cost-effectiveness and lifetime, just because there is the potential for so much money to be made by anyone who does improve on them, and nobody had succeeded in making any large leaps for a long time despite the financial upside.

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      Maria Helena Braga, Nicholas S. Grundish, Andrew J. Murchison and John Goodenough introduce a solid-state battery. Goodenough is (one of) the inventor(s) of the lithium-ion battery. The breakthrough builds on Braga’s earlier work on glass electrolytes at the University of Porto, and presumably on earlier work by the other researchers, too.

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        Wow, longer lasting, faster charging, noncombustible, better operation at lower tempuratures, and more environmentally friendly materials.

        However, it’s important to remember there’s a lot of work left to be done before you buy a phone with one of these in it. I imagine new manufacturing processes will need to be develeped before these can be produced at scale in a way that is cost effective.

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          Man, 94 and going strong! I hope I can say the same, come the day.

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            I hope you are working out at least 3 times a week and eating vegs/fruits as 50% of your foodstuff while minimising sugar, salt, red meat and processed food.

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              We don’t know if that’s the case with this professor. (or do you?)

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                What worked for this particular professor or any one specific person isn’t relevant - some people are outliers; that’s why we get wonderful anecdotia (apocrypha?) about centenarians who outlived their doctors through a steady diet of bourbon and cigars. But it’s also why you hear stories about athletes and fitness buffs dropping dead at a young age.

                If you want to maximize your heath, you should do what has been demonstrated to work for the most people, and that is the advice LibertarianLlama sent.

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            That mans family name is hilarious.

            Great article too

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              I could imagine a scenario involving a person going to a bureaucrat to register his last name and then waving his hand while mumbling “good enough”.