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    Turnover and growth in any team or company are high enough to where your valiant attempts at teaching people will be reduced to whispers in the wind in a matter of months.

    This is just a side note of her essay (which is worth reading) but it’s both accurate to the tech world and disturbing.

    Certainly I agree that with grungy tasks, automation is better than delegation. However, the more general trend wherein tech companies don’t invest in their people because “everything will be different” in a year is really damaging, and it doesn’t say good things about our culture that we worship turnover (a not-small part of which is fast firing) and use “growth” as an excuse for an industry-wide culture of sloppy management.

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      Well, she and her job seem pretty awesome. I wouldn’t enjoy it much sense it’s cleaning up messes all day. I think she enjoys the puzzle aspect of it. Probably also freedom to tackle many problems as I would. Two good things I see about this company:

      1. They actually have a person fixing messes all over the place. Ideally, you do something like SDL where you prevent them at every part of the lifecycle. Having a fixer is a good, second option that doesn’t exist at a lot of companies until things catch fire.

      2. Best for last. She finds these problems, calls a static analysis team (they exist?), and they produce tech that finds them automatically. That would be neat to have in a lot of places. Or like a community-oriented, static analysis tool where people submit these kinds of things. The FOSS ones I’ve seen have been pretty limited vs commercial.

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        calls a static analysis team (they exist?)

        Facebook has a few impressive “centers of excellence”. Of course, there are probably sections of the company (as in any large company) where programmers answer to PMs and mediocrity reigns. But there are a few well-known areas in the company where technical excellence is valued. (Google has these too, but you need a PhD to have a shot at getting into one, these days.)

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          my dream job would be working on pfff but at google :)

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        I have no idea who this person is but that job sounds fiendishly interesting.

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            It sounds like she’s an SRE at Google.

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              Not the one with all of the primary colors

              Is that a hint that it’s not google?

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                Oh indeed! I thought that was referring to the recent rebranding of Google :)

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                I think she used to be.

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              For years this has been my dream job. Whole system optimization. I’m so excited this is a thing!

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                Great read, sounds fun, and I’m glad patches are going upstream so we all benefit.

                Oh, and I write. A lot. But it’s nearly all internal. So, hey, if you want to know where most of my output has been going, it’s in there. If you’re an employee, then there you go.

                Too bad it’s not public :-/