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      I would like to see a screenshots from developers and Lobsters users (2015) thread.

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        I can’t speak for everyone, but my screen at work is difficult to take screenshots of because it’s three separate monitors, not rectangular, and more than seven thousand pixels wide. That part, at least, has changed significantly since 2002. =)

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        Would you prefer I combine my dwm screens as an animated gif or stitched into a 23k pixel wide png?

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          A 23k pixel wide animated gif preferably.

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        Here are some screenshots of my home laptop, nothing too fancy. Also, yes, I know the screen is 1366x768, I actually don’t mind it too much though when I get a new computer it will have a better screen.

        Using Firefox with Pentadactyl (thanks @daGrevis for the setup help!). Pentadactyl theme is Gruvbox.

        Vim with Airline and a bunch of other plugins

        My desktop (yes, with Unity. It’s actually not that bad)

        I’m using Guake as my terminal emulator, zsh as shell

        My .vimrc

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        This is how my active monitor looks like. Dotfiles are available here!


        What you see there is Arch Linux running bspwm as windows manager. Top and bottom bars are lemonbars, populated from Python scripts I wrote (bar_top.py, bar_bottom.py). On the left side there’s Gvim (my .vimrc), but it runs fine without GUI as well. On the right side you see Firefox with Pentadactyl (my .pentadactylrc).

        Edit #2:

        Updated screenshots!

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          Are you running an old version of Firefox? The addon doesn’t seem to be available for 43.0

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            I’m running the current version of Firefox (41.0.2). For Pentadactyl, you will need to compile it from Github source (and here’s how)…

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              Thanks! Do you know how to compile it on windows?

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                You are in luck!

                While most developers use a Unix-like operating system, you can also build Pentadactyl on Windows with the help of MinGW’s MSYS, Cygwin, or SFU. – http://5digits.org/coding

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                  Thanks so much! I use linux at home but here at work I don’t really have a choice about OS’s :)

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      These desktops are actually pretty professional looking, compared to a lot of the archetypical Unix ricer screenshots with the tacky E16 themes.

      The late 90s/early 2000s was a dork age in graphics design in computers. Even the proprietary world was affected - remember Luna and Aqua?

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        And OpenStep. Lots and lots of OpenStep screenshots in the early 2000s.

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          Do you mean AfterStep? (OpenStep was the NEXTSTEP API/rebranding of OS.)

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            You’re right, that’s probably what I was thinking of.

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        It also has to do with your personality. Where I work, the front-end developers tend to tweak their editor’s color scheme and change wallpapers more often than the back-end devs. I think this is because front-end developers notice when the colors aren’t just right since that’s part of the way they think.

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      It reassures me that a lot of these guys have “boring” desktops. My desktop is mostly Emacs, Firefox and way to many terminals. Definitely not a contender for a ricer setup that people post on /r/unixporn

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        My favorite part is how they’re all apologizing for being boring.

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          You either get stuff done or have a nice looking desktop ;-)