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    Can you also send some form field content to program’s stdin?

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      You can read the form with JS and then send it to stdin, yeah. You just overwrite global.fs.read() for reading from stdin (the full example already does that).

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      Question to comment readers: why would I want to do this?

      Aren’t CLI programs’ power in the fact they can be chained by a shell?

      Considering wasm is a target architecture everyone has their cannons pointed at, why is this special at all? Why are we now glorifying a new VM? Is it because it’s the “VM of the future” or a VM with less legal restrictions (and thus the VM of the future)?

      I think everyone needs to really start thinking critically about why wasm will change anything. With LLVM IR, we can target anything. So why are we targetting a VM? Because it’s more open (which isn’t true, because the underlying hardware will not be wasm (oh but what about wasm fpgas or -based cpus?))?

      I see we are in the times of “programming for the web operating system”, but I wonder what the consequences will be. I know a lot of good that can happen, but why is no one focusing on the bad?

      Sorry, 12am.

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        Someone made a PR to run uni in some online REPL service; I didn’t really like the UI of that and it was slow, but figured I’d try to see if you can run this in the browser with wasm: turns out you can.

        It’s just intended for playing around/previewing with out downloading, nothing more.

        That being said, you could use this as a the basis for a web-based unicode/emoji UI: instead of rewriting all the unicode parts in JavaScript, you can re-use the Go code. I already did this for a GTK GUI (unreleased, as I can’t get stuff to render correct in GTK).

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          This is really awesome .. Is there some way to make a websocket available?

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        I just sit there and wait that kubernetes is launched in web browsers.

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          I’m currently in the process of porting my 2048 Solver - a few things I’ve observed:

          • Threading isn’t currently supported so don’t expect great performance from code leveraging go routines.

          • CPU heavy code tanks rendering so definitely consider wrapping your WASM logic inside a web worker.

          • You may need to pause execution to allow any JS event handlers you’ve defined to fire.