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    This question that Carlo asked on whether software engineers should be licensed. I struggled with this, to make up my mind one way or the other…

    I think we have to be licensed, but I cannot come up with good reasoning within the context I am familiar with.

    I think, though, it is because I did not work life-critical systems, or did not really experience a liability challenge that engineers can be subjected in case of failures.

    If those things become more common, licenses, I am almost sure, will become required.

    I would, however, be very cautious of how they are issued, who conducts the tests, etc. I would not want it to be a commercial entity like in CPA exams, or SATs. And I also, would not want it be concentrated in one federal agency (like FCC, FDA, etc). I would also like to see some form of international, cross-border agreements like we have for Amateur radio operators, or something like that.