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    One thing I think it’s important to call out here, is that this is seemingly a one-dude project, and it’s been moving for a long-time. The timeline on https://pockit.ai/ is really fascinating, and the photos of incremental improvements are really neat.

    I’m stoked about the concept, and massively impressed with the perseverance and skill on display.

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      This looks neat. I really hate these preview teasers that don’t even give a ballpark for when it’ll be possible to get hold of one, what it’ll cost, or what the licensing terms will be.

      If that set of things from the video is $150 and lets you load whatever software you want on there, has all the connector specs freely available, etc., I find it really interesting. If it’s $500 and DRM’d all to hell, I’m sorry I gave it as much attention as I just did.

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        Cool idea, though I’m not sure this is more useful as a tiny computer than as just a USB peripheral that can plug in to any other computer.