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    my body’s REST API

    wat?! Yes really!

    Ok this is super cool and makes me wish my body had a REST API. I have a fitbit, but what other body status sensors exist for the average coder? Any suggestions?

    As for the question in the post, what’s a better way to notify? I’d suggest a wrist mounted vibrating something, blood sugar sounds really important. For the other not so critical factors, I think a glanceable display is sufficient.

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      what other body status sensors exist for the average coder?

      You can get heart rate, last heartbeat, hemoglobin concentration, blood pressure and some other figures with ANT+ (see the device profiles) and the right device.
      There are dongles and software to connect/sync these sensors with a PC and read values, like antpm/gant for the Linux commandline

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        Do you know of the right devices that support this? I’ve never looked for such, don’t know where to start

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          To be honest, I was looking for heartbeat only, to display heartbeat in a gaming stream for a fast-paced game. What I found was something like this belt that supports heart rate that you can read with a dongle like this (or unofficial ones also)
          There are also watches from Garmin that measure heart rate and blood oxygenation, not sure if they support wireless sync with the dongle.
          I don’t know about a single device that supports everything, and probably there isn’t one. But LMK if you manage to find something more interesting!

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      lol when it turn to red, it seems scary