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    Should be merged into the official announcement.

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      I never thought I would see this happen.


      Edit: Now that I think of it.. There’s gotta be a catch. Right?

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        The catch is that it only supports fairly recent GPUs, and only works because most of the “hard part” has been moved onto the GPU itself in a proprietary blob.

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          and you still need the proprietary userspace junk for GL.

          and it’s probably not upstreamable in its current form, so it’ll exist as some out of tree thing.

          but it’s a promising start!

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        As far as I can make out they just moved a huge amount of the drivers into the firmware itself blob itself?

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          No, it’s not “just”. First, because that move happened years ago. Second, because that doesn’t mean they needed to open source anything. They did a good thing with the kernel side of things.

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            I wonder what % of nvidia gear is used on Linux these days. Between eth mining, machine learning and non-switch Tegra devices it must be a fair amount.

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              “data center” and “gaming” revenues are about the same and they’re no explicit call-out for cryptocurrency mining, so I assume that’s largely from the “gaming” bucket.


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                Recently we learned that this is not a great summary. NVIDIA has been sued by investors for knowingly benefiting from sales to the miners, but lumping them into the “gaming” category in their financial reports.