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    That’s really cool! PXE boot seemed like a very neat concept but the setup instructions (like four different daemons all written by different people that have to be configured to cooperate perfectly) always looked way too daunting.

    Might be better to link to the README file?

    I’m very impressed by the API server part, makes it much easier to script things.

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      What are your four daemons? Normally it’s 3 (dhcp, tftp, and nfs), but dnsmasq reduces that to two.

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        I wasn’t being precise and the count. :p

        Edit: though if you want anything to actually work nicely, the fourth is going to be a httpd because TFTP is not very good at moving data.

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          I guess Forty-Bot was using NFS for that

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            The way I had it set up, the computer boots, gets an IP, and transfers a kernel image over tftp. That kernel boots and mounts root via NFS. You could conceivably use any networked filesystem in place of that.