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      I know that individual tweets aren’t really worthy of submission, but this is a long Twitter thread with pictures and references, so I’d consider it more like a staccato blog post. :)

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        Example of a funny tweet further down:

        Interestingly the Logitech Harmony Remote Software it uses seems to be java + embedded firefox [sic]. Seems kinda like they invented Electron, but in 2009.

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          XULRunner was a thing - applications like Songbird used it. Unfortunately, Mozilla never really took advantage of embedding, allowing CEF to run away with the ball.

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            I worked on Songbird. Mozilla was fairly hostile to non-Firefox software of all sorts. They gaslighted us about their commitment to XULRunner.

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        Isn’t there like a thread reader web app or two or three for exactly this purpose?

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          And linking to the threads themselves actually works nicely on the first of those three…

          I’m leaving these here because I don’t see a way other than commenting to suggest that the link be changed. Changing the main link to the first of these might make it easier to read for those who don’t click through to the comments first, while still preserving all attribution of the original thread.

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      I had the weirdest experience with one of these.

      My sister was staying with us from out of town, and was working on her Macbook in another room (connected to our wifi of course). I pressed the play on our “TV” remote… and it auto-started playing music ON HER LAPTOP IN THE OTHER ROOM.

      Obviously we had never configured her computer to talk to the remote! It was some kind of uPnP+DLNA thing, gone horribly wrong.

      We threw it out shortly after.

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        For a while there Macbooks had an IR remote receiver - you could buy a dinky little Apple remote for media control (or maybe they even came with some laptops?). And from memory they used one of the standard remote codes, so…

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          It was only 2 years ago, with a modern-ish Macbook… somehow it was auto-discovering the mumbles DLNA port…

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      Wow, he went into surprising detail and depth on this remote.

      I’ve suggested both “reversing” and “debugging” tags for this story since I think they both apply.

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      Loved it. I wonder how it’s possible to get this f-up while developing a remote control.