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    Non profit statements are fun. The Mozilla Foundation is also pretty generous with its executives.

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      In CS we’re slowly making some progress on just running our own journals. Unevenly, but in artificial intelligence things seem to be shaping up ok. Academics are providing 90%+ of the labor on a volunteer basis anyway, so it’s not obvious why we need either a for-profit publisher or a big-budget nonprofit (with a $400k CEO and such) to go the last 10% of the way and just publish the journal.

      People sometimes claim this is impractical, but there are now at least two well established AI journals doing it, both open-access and with $0 page charges, running on slightly different models. The Journal of Machine Learning Research (probably the top journal in machine learning) runs literally with no budget: the editing and production is done entirely by its volunteer editors, and the web hosting is donated by MIT. The Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research is a little less shoestring, but only slightly. It’s run by a nonprofit which has a small budget, which it gets from donations and grants (for example, from Google and the NSF). Its staffing is again mostly from academics who aren’t paid; the money is used to pay for a modest amount of administrative support, hosting, and occasional contract software-dev work on things like their publishing pipeline.