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    turns off javascript

    problem solved!

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      It’s so strange because in this case you’re essentially paying some additional amount x on your electricity bill (non-itemized), and some tiny fraction of that, qx, to the website. So really you’re paying the utility the bigger chunk (1-q)x. So the electricity use is really only an intermediary that helps us avoid the psychological burden of payment! Even worse, in the process we are probably hurting the environment for no reason.

      All in all, we could actually pay the website more, and not hurt the environment, and pay less ourselves if we just went with some sort of micropayment scheme. Funny how important the perception of it ends up being :)

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        Basic Attention Token is one interesting idea in this space.

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        On one side, it’s kinda cool because no ads and better potential for predictable income.

        On the other hand, no, this is my CPU and the various tabs and apps I have open make it slow enough already.

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          The upside to this assumes a responsible site doing this intentionally and disclosing it.

          Most of the cases here are compromised websites, so they have whatever ads they normally have and are mining crypto on someone else’s behalf. I’ve seen this happen quite a few times now while working with compromised customers (I work for a company that provides VPS services)

          While I think the idea of replacing the internets ad based model with a crypto mining based one is interesting, that isn’t really the issue being discussed in the article.

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            It would be amusing if we started to have additional cores for offloading ad-mining. Or if people found a way to offload the mining to the Intel ME.

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            I actually did some math like 2 years ago to see if its was viable to use ad buys to crytpo mine in the browser. At the time it was a resounding no. Even unthrottled my estimates were that it was that you could only recoup about 2-10% of what you put in selling to a mining group. I never had any interest in capitalizing on this but I thought it was an interesting idea.

            I actually think cryptojacking will be a good thing, but there are a couple of issues:

            1. Cryptojacking income is based on the price of an unstable currency, which seems like a really bad idea if the price tanks.
            2. As more CPU cycles are dedicated to mining the value of single falls.
            3. This has already been addressed by the chromium team, but it does provide a perverse incentive for companies as it kind of sliding scale between quality of service and income. Chromium is basically capping unruly sites.

            I actually think a much more interesting use case would be something like AWS’s serverless compute using JS (or WA) & homomorphic encryption.

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              Honestly, I don’t mind this as much as intrusive ads. I get that hosting a website costs money. As long as you’re only doing the mining while I’m actually visiting your site/consuming your content/whatever and you’re not charging me or showing ads, I say go for it.