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    Share your blog ask programming

This idea sparked in my head where i want to create an awesome list of blogs. Feel free to share your blog and why user should read your blog.

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        and technical blogs: https://lobste.rs/s/l7b3iy/

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          This one’s from five years ago though. It’s nice to ask again and see people who started blogging in the last five years or who weren’t on lobsters five years ago.

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        Oh this was asked before sorry i sparked this thread again

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      https://defn.io - I mostly write about Racket.

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        Your blog helped me a lot with Racket. Thanks a ton.

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        Subscribed to your RSS feed a while ago, I learned a lot about racket thanks to you!

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        I remember your post about using Racket to write an e-commerce platform. I thought that was awesome!


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        @jee @Artemix @soapdog glad to hear it! Thank you!

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      At the moment I’m kind of between blogs right now. I do run a fortnightly newsletter called Tales From The Dork Web about things I find interesting and things people probably miss in the noise. The next issue comes out on Thursday April 23rd, about Roguelike games. If you haven’t seen them, you might like this issue about Cyberpunk and Solarpunk, or Frank Herbert’s Dune in print and pictures.

      Also thanks for posting this list. I’m putting everyone listed here in my RSS reader and after a bit of time reading, will share the ones I love on Tales From The Dork Web at some point.

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        I always enjoy Tales from the Dork Web. Thanks for doing it!

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        Tales from the Dork Web is great! As a longtime lover of rogue-likes, I’m looking forward to the next one!

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      https://danilafe.com/ - most recently, I’ve been writing a series on compiler development. I’ve put a significant amount of time into it, and I like to think that the quality of articles has improved over time. Currently I’m up to part 11, and we have a compiler for a lazy functional language that supports polymorphism.

      I’ve also made my site completely JavaScript free, rendering any mathematics on the backend. I’m doing my best to make the site perform well even on the most underpowered machines.

      If you’re interested in programming languages or compiler dev, my blog may be worth the read!

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        I skimmed the articles on the functional language. There was some interesting stuff in a few that looked useful at some point maybe even for a person like me who doesn’t understand functional languages. It’s possible it might help someone trying to build something for real. Doing the rendering on the backend is pretty thoughtful, too. Keep up the good work.

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      https://jlelse.blog/ is my blog. Why people should read it? I don’t really know. It’s more like a public journal for me.

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      https://hauleth.dev - and nobody should read that.

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      https://jmtd.net/. I’ve been blogging for 20 years. Recent topics include functional programming (in particular haskell), distributed stream-processing (my PhD topic); recent recommended casual nintendo switch games; self-hosted website matters: indieweb, software, web fonts, containers; note-taking approaches (productivity); beginner 3d printing; Amiga 500 floppy disk recovery project (and other historic computing issues) and Debian.

      I’m currently quite interested in knowing what (if anything) people would like to read more about.

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      https://blog.funcall.org/ - mostly Lisp, some retrocomputing

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      I’m learning in public by writing about my journey in software and the projects that I’ve built!

      Example posts:

      Talking to Python from JavaScript (and Back Again!)

      Hardest JavaScript Puzzle I’ve Ever Solved

      My First Golang Program

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      Not an edited blog, but a messy “public notes” collection. Give me an upvote and I’ll fix the https and the update script :) It looks like that broke a year ago. This used to get some traffic but now seems to no longer end up in search results.

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      https://benjamincongdon.me/blog (all posts)

      I like to write about Go/Rust, productivity, and my various web development projects. I also tend to write pretty frequently about programming language ergonomics. (Though recently my blog has mostly been a pandemic/lockdown working log to keep myself sane 😅)

      Popular posts:

      Favorite posts:

      I also have a blogroll of other blogs I think are interesting and a list of books that I’ve read

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        I feel like blogrolls are a great point to discover a plethora of similar blogs, and more people should definitely consider including one of their own.

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        I really like your blogroll.

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      I’ve got two, I guess.

      https://zck.me/ – My personal blog, which is rarely updated. Emacs stuff, mostly.

      https://theflyingbuffalo.com/ – My blog about buffalo chicken. Reviews only, so far. But with not being able to go out and get food, I’m gonna run out of places to review. Might have to start reviewing sauces, or just write my musings about blue cheese being superior to ranch. I’ve been updating weekly.

      Fun note – they both use the same static site generator I wrote. I start with an Emacs org file, export it to html, add a serialized hashtable at the beginning to store page-specific settings, then use an Arc program I wrote to generate the whole site.

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      My blog is at https://markosaric.com/

      Why you should read it? I’m trying to share better ways to do marketing and web development in the world with all the new privacy regulations and where the big tech companies control a lot of the web, while an increasing number of people are concerned with all the ads and tracking. Examples of posts I’ve published:

      How to promote your startup using ethical marketing

      Ways to de-Google-ify your own website

      Why you should remove Disqus from your site

      Things you can do to reduce the carbon emissions of your website

      How to fight back against Google AMP

      Give Firefox a chance for a faster, calmer and distraction-free web

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      I work on Linux containers professionally, so that makes up a good portion of what I write about. A couple of my posts appeared on the official AWS blogs first, but I syndicate those to my own site (see this one about a container escape or this one about Bottlerocket) so I can have my own copy. I set this blog up last year after the .dev domains became available and wrote a bit more about what I want the blog to become in my welcome post.

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      https://sgoel.org - I write mostly about Python, development practices, and sometimes about “off topics” that interest me.

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      I blog about maths, user interfaces, software, people, and other random stuff.

      Based on the lack of responses I’ve had when I’ve posted things here on Lobsters, I’m guessing very few people would be interested.

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      My blog is at https://nora.codes. I discuss a number of topics around programming, computer science education, and soon modular synthesis as I’ve just released my first modules for VCVRack.

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      Mine is https://blog.balthazar-rouberol.com. I write a couple of DIY projects, technical subjects such as setting up a wireguard VPN, managing my small personal infrastructure with devops tools, and the chapters of a self-published book a friend and I are working on, introducing tools of the trade for aspiring software engineers.

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      Mostly write about whatever I found interesting that day, writing a lot more in quarantine. Some tech, but I wouldn’t consider it deep tech. Also interesting stories I find.

      Tech I like is Erlang, Elixir, and OCaml. Most of my jobs are Python so I get mad at it sometimes lol 😛

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      https://blog.adol.pw. I don’t write a specific topic but whatever crosses my mind and sounds interesting. Right now I’m making an Android application base (MVVM, Retrofit, etc.,) so I might write about that (it’s the first time I do that and maybe the point of view from a begginer is worth reading). I also publish my opinion in stuff I think it’s important, and I want to focus more in privacy topics.

      I try to keep my blog as technical and simple as possible, but sometimes it’s not really possible because it’s a complex topic or I cannot find the correct way to explain something.

      You’ll find images uploaded to imgur, but I want to change to my own server or a privacy-oriented image hosting, so it’s going to change.

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      We write about kubernetes, Linux, networking, devops and anything in between

      Example posts:

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        Do you run a company just curious. Your blog had some pretty cool posts

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          Yep! We’re a telecommunications and cloud training company and love writing about the tools and techniques we learn in order to deliver awesome hands-on training.

          We’re glad you liked our posts! Many more are in the works!

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      https://yorickpeterse.com/ - I mostly write about programming languages, though I don’t write nearly as much as I should.

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        Looks very clean and minimal

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      https://spacetime.dev/ - Personal website and blog. I share things I’m working on and write about ideas I have. I find that I understand a topic way better if I try to explain it well enough to share to strangers on the internet. As such my drafts folder is currently full of half-explained ideas that I haven’t fully understood yet :)

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      Not really an avid blogger by any means, but I enjoy writing. Have an interest in Open Source work, supply chain security & reproducible builds and the current distribution work I do for Arch Linux. Currently have at least one draft for packaging up lxd (read Cannonical software) I should try finish up. Also have some plans to pick up a bit on the stuff I touched upon in my master thesis on supply chain security and try contextualize it a bit better along with forwarding some of the good research I found.

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      https://ferd.ca – close to 10 years blogging now, mostly about functional programming stuff, maintenance, and dev practices, with an obvious big slant on erlang things.

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      https://emersion.fr/blog/ - I write about Wayland, graphics, and systems programming in general.

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        Outside of the context of blogging, Sway and Wayland as a whole saved my laptop from tearing, so bless you for that.

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        I think I came across your blog when I was exploring sourcehut

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      https://caiustheory.com/ and a timely thread too - I just published my first post of 2020 😁

      Now to write four more before 2021 and beat the last couple of years worth of posts in count.

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      Mine is https://blog.adrianistan.eu. You should read it because it has content that I think is not widely available, but you will enjoy it more if you’re into Prolog, Rust or Python (beginner level is ok). Some things are more technical, some others are more of a curiosity to me and I feel like I need to explain. I also have a section called Teletexto, with my favorite links of the week. It runs on my Raspberry Pi at home, the blog is Rust (Rocket) but the media (photos, videos,…) are served by a Prolog server (strange setup I know).

      It’s in Spanish, but hey, nowadays you can use DeepL :) I was thinking of moving to an English blog but I think it will have less impact on the community if it was just another one, this is considering that Spanish is underrepresented in technical writing.

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      https://bkase.dev/posts – My passion is applying formal theory to “everyday” software engineering. I tend to focus mostly on weaving programming language theory and algebraic structures into different projects. Just started blogging more seriously this year; enjoy!

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      https://andregarzia.com is my little home on the web. It is not focused on specific technical topics so it is hard for me to tell what should be the reason for reading it. I often produce content for developers such as my last post about an experiment in bundling a lua interpreter with a secure scuttlebutt client. I also make slice of life posts which are only interesting for people who are really into blogging. A good thing I do there (which I should surface better) is that each of my tags gets their own RSS and Atom feed, so if you’re only interested in a specific tag it is easy to subscribe to that content alone.

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      My personal blog is at sicpers.info, “the Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programmers”, and is mostly the result of me overthinking ideas in programming and writing the thinks so that they leave my head. Then with Adrian Kosmacjewski I co-create De Programmatica Ipsum, where we each write once a month on a particular topic. This month is on “Cross-platform”.

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      https://tevps.net/blog I post about a lot of things, mostly technically related and things I’ve built.

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      All tech items, but pretty varied. I try to keep my content high signal and low noise. Of course any criticism is welcome :)

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      Mine is https://distinctly.pink/archive.html, or you might want the atom feed.

      I keep meaning to write more and then not doing so. When I do write I don’t have any particular topic list in mind that I try to stick to, but it’s usually going to be things which interest me, so Emacs, Lisp, Plan 9, retro digital typography, music, environmentalism (I’ve got quite a long list of half-written posts, and each of those topics comes up more than once).

      There’s no particular reason why you should read it, and checking manually for new updates will probably result in diminishing returns. If you’re marginally interested in anything I mentioned above, the best way is probably to add my feed to your feed reader - that way you can see when I write and ignore it if it doesn’t interest you. That’s what I do, because ultimately it’s a personal site and we should be doing as much as possible to support and promote people who still use them.

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        Such a lovely URL! I look forward to seeing it in my RSS reader :)

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        Nice design! Love minimalism) checkout mine too medv.io

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          Had a lot of fun with that little planes game :)

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      https://blog.nootch.net I write mostly about Elixir, will start writing more on Crystal and personal knowledge management soon. Also miscellaneous weird stuff now and again. On hiatus now, but will resume blogging this weekend as a mechanism to cope with the current status quo.

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      My blog: https://enconn.fr I write some technical stuff or post photos. But it’s not really active

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      My code blog: https://fullstackstanley.com - I mostly post tutorials on PHP/Elixir/Crystal/Swift/Ember JS

      Personal blog: https://www.mitchartemis.dev/ - I should probably update this more often!

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      http://adamo.wordpress.com - weird things that happen to me while I do DevOps stuff. Mostly boring.

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      I write about elixir these days but a handful of older stuff on test driven development from years ago

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      My blog is at https://write.privacytools.io/privacy-simplified/ (though I’m moving it to a static site as we speak) I write about online privacy and the problems surrounding it. There are a few guides, some more general articles. However, now thats its lockdown I plan on writing a lot more.

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      Here it is. It is brand new and in portuguese (BR): https://crdpa.github.io

      I made two bash scripts to generate the pages using pandoc and an index based on my folder and file structures.

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      I try to write a few blog posts here and there at https://mediocreatbest.xyz . I tend to follow the style of “let the code do the talking” without much exposition. For example, I just finished on the creation of compute-heavy scientific microservices which summarizes a lot of the things I’ve learned about embedding C code into Python servers, mostly in terms of how the code is written. My old blog includes a few more posts in that style.

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      https://babbagefiles.xyz - I write largely about lisp-y things, but also other technology-related things, e.g. zfs, fonts.

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      I occasionally write about technical topics, mostly C or C++ lately: https://mort.coffee

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          Looks online for me. Are you sure you don’ t have any DNS issue?

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      Mine is at https://rahul.gopinath.org/posts/. I mostly write about stuff I am working on (researching or teaching).

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      http://kevinmahoney.co.uk - mostly database stuff and an extension of my frustrations trying to create a sane database at a large ‘trendy’ company.

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      https://forvillelser.vorce.se/ - I write about things I make, learn, and like. Its purpose is mostly for myself (documenting things), but could also be interesting for other developers.

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      https://huseyinpolatyuruk.com/ - I mostly write about software engineering and startups.

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      https://anmolsarma.in/ I mostly write about technical stuff I encounter, apart from my annual review of the books I’ve read. A few of my posts ended up on the front page here and on the orange site.

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      Mine is at http://boston.conman.org and the content is all over the place. Programming, spam, blogging, running servers, vacations, war driving, what have you. With 20 years of backlog, there’s plenty to read.

    51. 1


      It contains hyperbole, straw-man arguments, and various other logical fallacies tangentially applied to things I often do with computers. Some of the articles have made people mad. Like this one.

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      You can find my blog here: https://danielemaltese.com

      I’m a 20yo Junior Developer and I decided to open a blog with the aim of stopping my procatination and also exercise my english. Start a Blog, Stop your Procrastination

      I’ve only posted a simple tutorial and you can find it there: A simple web scraper Telegram bot using Python

      I have a lot of things in mind and I hope I will be able to post more personal projects.

      1. 1

        Subscribed via RSS! Your article about the scraper bot looks very interesting (will read it later).

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      https://blog.ovalerio.net - I usually only post once or twice a month, mostly about technology, web development and security.

    54. 1

      https://en.jeffprod.com/blog/ - Sharing code, tips, ideas about programming, and more generally about computer science. Site with no ads.

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      I post a mix of stuff on https://utf9k.net but I don’t post as much as I’d like

    56. 1

      No a blog, but I have guestbook )) https://medv.io

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      https://dustri.org — mostly about computer security

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        Nice logo animation)

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          Done in pure css :)

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            Ios support?

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              No idea :/

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      Not a very large website, but it’s published entirely with Racket on GitLab CI using the xml library for publishing and my own suite of functions to generate xexpr snippets. I write about code, Linux, games, and I’m trying to work on some voxel art sooner or later.

    59. 1

      I have a https://blog.frantovo.cz/ written in Czech language. I am going to translate certain articles to English (especially the latest series on software complexity). However machine translators works also relatively well, so is is at least somehow accessible also to non-native speakers. Favorite topics: free software, software development, Java, SQL, GNU/Linux, hardware.

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      My website is http://calpaterson.com - my common themes are static analysis tools (esp Python’s type checking) and databases

    61. 1

      I have two.

      https://anthony.som.codes/ which is about general development,

      and https://hackery.site/ about game hacking.

    62. 1


      Mostly on web security and browser security

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      https://apas.gr; I write about technology, policy, and finance. (Lately, I mostly write about the same topics in my newsletter.)

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      Mine’s https://www.artemix.org/, talking about various system / backend stuff

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      https://zacs.site - All static, built with my own custom CMS. I’ve been writing a lot about programming lately, but I write about adventuring, writing, weightlifting, and leadership, too.

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      https://bjg.io/ I try to write stuff, but it never really works out :)

    67. 1

      https://battlepenguin.com - Originally in PHP, then Rails, then Wordpress and now Jekyll. I did a post on its history:


      I cover tech, philosophy and (occasionally) politics.

      1. 2

        I’ve been subscribed to your blog for a few months – really enjoying your posts!

        1. 1

          Thank you! I appreciate it. I’ve added your feed to my RSS reader. :)

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      https://noqqe.de - German(!) Topics: OpenBSD, Sysadmin, Python, Photography, Linux

    69. 1

      https://ieftimov.com/ - you should read it if you are curious about backend-related topics, or if Go, Ruby, Elixir interest you.

    70. 1

      https://vsupalov.com - mostly about Docker, Django (<3) and a tiny bit of k8s in the mix.

    71. 1

      https://mg.guelker.eu/ – mostly some Linux hobby administration stuff, but occasionally some legal points (I am a Law student from Germany). The blog is currently only available in German, but I’m working on an English variant.

    72. 1

      I have a personal blog at https://jasminek.net where I write about my adventures as a SaaS entrepreneur. Here is one cool story: How I Saved $5000 By Drinking Coffee.

      I also have a blog for my product at https://syften.com/blog. Yesterday I posted an article with a few 80/20 tips for writing from that blog here. It reached #1 but the mods deleted it saying that growth hacking is off topic (article is about writing, not growth hacking). Probably because it was my first post in three years and it was a link to my own website.

      I use Hugo for both sites, and host them for free on Google AppEngine. Some people advise a simple file hosting service for static sites, but you can’t do redirects this way.

    73. 1

      https://christine.website/blog I talk about tech, chaos magick and cooking.

    74. 1

      https://mankykitty.github.io/ where I attempt to write about things I’ve convinced myself I understand, a bit.

    75. 1


      I write about math and programming. The articles currently uploaded are mostly about math. The blog is made with my own static site generator.

    76. 1

      http://timvisee.com/blog - don’t write much (yet)

    77. 1

      erik.itland.no - old style, next to no styling, few pictures, no third party trackers (but I do look at server logs). It is very human, authentic or just plain-and-a-bit-weird and contains a mix of

      • programming,
      • tech history (a post about google+ in particular was very popular a year or two ago, and actually today a post about the “Chrome is the new IE” meme that I wrote earlier today seems to be gathering some eyeballs ),
      • observations (weather, habits of Norwegians etc)
      • comments on news from Norway etc

      Use RSS or follow on fediverse at @blog@erik.itland.no as I only post when I feel like posting. The upsite is of course less filler content ;-)

    78. 1

      https://stitcher.io/ I write about the web, PHP and programming in general

    79. 1

      http://blog.zdsmith.com - I haven’t written about programming since 2018! It’s been handwriting and card games since then.

    80. 1


      I write about ruby or algorithms or whatever side project is taking up my time.

    81. 1

      soc.me – I usually write about language design, but also about some UI stuff, XDG base directory conformance, etc.

      1. 1

        Hi, Since you didn’t add a http before your URL, clicking on it takes you to https://lobste.rs/s/5ysabq/soc.me.

        1. 1

          Oh, well – can’t change it anymore. :-/

    82. 1

      mempko.wordpress.com Where I mostly write about the intersection of tech and society.

    83. 1

      https://stackfame.com - Mostly on Web Dev, Node.JS, Databases, linux.

    84. 1

      Late to to the party! Anyways Here is my blog Raju Guide

      Why one should care: I’m working with Atlassian tools (Jira, Confluence primarily) for many years now. I’ve been featured speaker into yearly Atlassian Summit conference. Wrote few Add-ons on this platform. So started this blog to write about tips and hacks/tricks that I’ve learned over the years to use these tools efficiently.

      And yeah plan is to write more about other things like running and building stuff.

    85. 1

      My blog is at the following: https://claudiomiranda.wordpress.com. I usually post tech, FOSS, music from time to time, and sometimes personal things (when I remember I have a blog).

      I also just created a home page on SDF (http://claudiom.sdf.org). Right now, it just has links to my blog and my Mastodon instances.

    86. 1

      Haven’t updated in months, but https://shapr.github.io/ . The open source hearing aid post is neat.

    87. 1

      Mine is https://www.gkbrk.com

      I write about evolutionary algorithms, network protocols and some reverse engineering.

    88. 1

      Prepend.com - started long ago to try to capture programming issues I couldn’t find by googling. Idled for 10 years due to laziness around blogger, finally added a few posts and trying to do the same thing. I don’t program as much any more, but trying to at least record stuff and make it findable.

    89. 1

      https://www.cosarara.me/ I don’t often write, but when I do that’s where it goes.

    90. 1

      Here’s mine: https://www.chrisdeluca.me/

      I write about technical things, creative/writing projects, and other nonsense.

    91. 1

      When I want to see more from a certain user I typically just take a look at their user profile, and a link to a blog post is often there. So if you are looking for blogs about certain topics - read the discussion of that topic on lobsters and then check the user profiles of the people who commented. And it goes the other way - if you want people on lobsters to find your website/blog, be sure to add a link to it in your profile

    92. [Comment from banned user removed]

    93. 1

      Mine is over at https://adamsimpson.net. No set topic really, largely programming and side projects.

    94. 1

      https://marekfoss.org - I mostly write server backend how-tos involving Perl, Nginx and Debian, but also thoughts and ideas about various aspects of life, money, technology & the future.

    95. 1

      I blog a lot on Secluded.Site. It’s really just whatever technical stuff comes to mind, Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, and pipe smoking. I’m in the process of migrating some of my posts to there from NixNet but, in the meantime, that will give you an idea of the technical things I write.

      You should read it if you like what I write ;)

    96. 1


      I have one post and it’s about what music I was listening to a few weeks ago. My next post will probably be about the music I’m listening to now. I have a few blog post ideas that are more technical in nature, but haven’t made the time to write them yet.

    97. 1

      Seems like there’s been a few of these posts recently.

      My main blog is at https://codeplea.com/.

      I’ve also recently started writing articles about socket programming at https://handsonnetworkprogramming.com/articles/ I hope to write an article about each common problem people run into. I’ve got a lot of ground to cover yet.

    98. 1

      https://jorgelbg.me/ I usually blog about any random stuff about what I usually working on (both work and personal projects). I need to do a major CSS clean up one of these days 😅. I used to blog (not a lot) at my old WordPress blog (http://jorgelbg.wordpress.com/) and I haven’t yet migrated those posts to my current static setup (hugo + markdown).

    99. 1

      https://sneakycrow.dev/blog - I write about art and engineering

    100. 1


      If you own a sailboat, read about the things I’m learning while taking care of mine with as little effort as possible. Like computers, you can spend more time fiddling with a boat than using it.

    101. [Comment removed by author]

    102. 1

      danielmiessler.com has been going since 1999, and it’s full of tutorials and essays around the intersection of security, technology, and humans.

      1. 2

        I love your email newsletter i can’t you are part of this community. By the way i have been a long time subscriber to your email newsletter definitely love it

    103. 1

      I started my blog to “pay it forward” for all of the amazing, free write-ups I’ve benefited from in my career. I like to experiment with innovative ways to communicate concepts on the web, so hopefully people find some of those experiments enjoyable, and I also write because good content on data visualization can be tough to find.


    104. 1


      themes: emacs nixos workflow

      mostly notes to myself/for reference later

    105. 1

      https://jadon.io/blog - I write about programming language design & type theory. I’m working on a set of articles for introducing Computer Science Topics without the Jargon. So far I have only completed a few, but by the end I hope to have a lot of articles explaining deeper topics like dependent types, CoC, Homotopy Type Theory, etc. I also write about my own language design adventures.

    106. 1

      http://rhnonose.github.io/, just getting started.

    107. [Comment removed by author]

    108. 1

      flowing.systems - guess what differentiates it is writing about my Idris game and philosophy

    109. 1

      http://www.petecorey.com/blog/all/ - I write about a pretty large variety of things, from Node.js/React/Mongo work related topics, to things that interest me like different programming languages (J/Prolog/Elixir/…), Fractals, musical applications of programming, etc…

    110. 1

      I don’t post much, but I’ve got a ton of ideas. Right now it’s just an intro to a package I wrote and a rambling about Go and Rust.


      Future ideas:

      • Intro to the SSH protocol (And implementing an SSH server in go)
      • Vim vs Emacs (and why I use both)
      • My personal Django Project Template
      • My personal Docker Setup
      • “Too Many Buttons” Rant (think about how painfully configurable JIRA/Confluence are)

      If anyone is interested in any of these, feel free to reach out and I may be able to prioritize them.

    111. 1

      Sure, why not. I normally write about programming languages. https://bernsteinbear.com

    112. 1
    113. 1


      I write about whatever tech/security project I’m working on/open sourcing and very occasional longer pieces on something random that interested me like economics or large scale security breaches.

      My projects are usually in the domain of DNS security, home automation, tracker/ad blocking, BeyondCorp/ZeroTrust for home/SMB users, etc.

    114. 1

      I have an personal blog which covers a wide variety of topics, but a newer blog is more focused on non-technical things I wish I’d known when I was starting out as a software developer: https://letterstoanewdeveloper.com/

    115. 1

      Waagh. Very little here.


      1. 2

        I like the 3/29 post!

    116. 1

      Not much there yet.


    117. 1


      Right now it’s pretty barren, after starting from scratch. I tend to write mostly about JavaScript, TypeScript, security, and anything I find interesting.

      As for some other blogs I find interesting:

    118. 1

      https://www.jeffcarp.com/ - some adventures into NLP, cryptography, front-end, language learning, and running

    119. 1


      Mostly security-related experimentations and PoCs, the 2 most popular posts being Set up your own malware analysis lab and CloudFlair: Bypassing Cloudflare using Internet-wide scan data

    120. 1


      Mainly do book reviews few times per month (some posts are bigger than others). And a little bit about music and tech: https://j11g.com/category/tech/

      The book reviews are mostly (public) notes to myself. The tech blogs are mostly aimed at a larger audience.

    121. 1

      https://angristan.xyz/ - I write about what I like, mainly tech-related stuff (linux, containers, zfs) and more, like my experience as an exchange student in Korea!

      1. 1

        You have some good technical content out there on your blog. I’m reading NextDNS on your blog. Hoping my brain will understand everything so that I can use this service :-)

        1. 1

          Great! Let me know if you have any questions!