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This is a follow up of https://lobste.rs/s/otjtaa/france_looking_at_banning_tor_blocking_public_wi-fi

Additional source (in french, from a french 24-hours news network): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXyWQOhD7s4

The title could be translated as Valls: “The interdiction of WiFi is not something we’re considering”

Here’s my translation of the interview:

Journalist: Other question about terrorism, before talking about the latest elections: is it true that the police wants the interdiction of public WiFi? Is it true or not?

PM: I’ve never heard of this before.

Journalist: You’ve never heard of this? All right… Internet is under the interior ministry’s radar.

PM: No… Internet is a freedom, …

Journalist: It looks like it’s an internal memo from the interior ministry which says so…

PM: Internet is a freedom, a wonderful way to communicate, it’s for people, it’s an improvement for the economy, but it’s also a way for terrorists to communicate and to spread their authoritarian ideology. Last week, I gathered all french ISPs, you know them, in order to continue to be more effective at fighting the [terrorists'] hate message…

Journalist: So no interdiction of public WiFi? or the “Tor” network to browse [the web] anonymously?

PM: Look, if the police wants to look at all the ways to fight…

Journalist: Would you be in favor or not?

PM: No. If the police wants to look at all the ways in which they can fight terrorism, it’s fine. But we have to take the effective decisions, because the only thing that matter is effectiveness: to track terrorists, to stop hate speech. Because you know it, and we know it, the people that have this ideology, got it either from conservative Mosques, either in Prison, either – and especially for the youngest of them – on the internet.

Journalist: All right. It’s something you’re thinking about, that’s something under the radar of the ministry of interior.

PM: No!

Journalist: No? All right…

PM: The interdiction of WiFi is not something we’re considering today, I can confirm that.


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    Maybe I’m pessimistic. But the thing that bugs me is that he had a clear position about the public WiFi, but he never answered the question about Tor.

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      It’s a pretty safe bet he had no idea what “Tor” is and didn’t want to make statements in ignorance. I wouldn’t worry too much until we get an official statement (or official actions) that mentions it.

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      “Interdiction” is a bit of an unusual word in English. You should translate it into “banning”, which is more common.

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        Ahhh… I can’t edit the original post anymore :( . If an admin can s/interdiction/banning/ that would be great. Thank you JordiGH for the suggestion.

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          Oh, no, no, it’s okay. Just, you know, for next time.

          I like this essay about the translator’s task.