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      why this over OpenNTPD?

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        In my link below someone asks this question and phk answers (Google translation): “OpenNTPD have lousy time management and provides no real platform for further development / code sharing to stratum 1 servers, etc.”. Add that the Linux Foundation apparently sponsored the work.

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          I’m not sure what “lousy time management” is, but OpenNTPD keeps all my systems (Linux, OpenBSD) within millisecond time accuracy.

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      Well, so far — this is only a client, so, it’s not really much of a unique replacement of anything just yet.

      Apart from OpenBSD’s ntpd (OpenNTPD), which is a compete ntp client/server solution done the OpenBSD way since some 2004, there’s also DragonFly’s dntpd, a client-only ntpd, originally written by Matt Dillon in 2005.

      Oh, yeah, and PHK hates OpenNTPD. One of the reasons he was against the sensors framework is that it had a timedelta concept (which is a sensor that tells you the offset of your system clock compared to some other clock source, which seems to do the job just fine, BTW (and is certainly much better and more precise than the tlsdate hack from another thread)).