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    I laughed pretty hard at the DSL one.

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      Same. Especially because it implies clojure, with its good awful stack traces, is a DSL.

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      cross-platform — Let’s force portability on your use case with yet another layer of abstraction.

      (Explanation: It is always a pity to me that CLion only supports CMake. Many projects utilize platform-specific API/libraries and aren’t meant to be portable from the beginning, in which case CMake tries to solve a problem that doesn’t even exist. Plus, writing a Makefile is much easier than digging through the CMake documentation.)

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        I’ve not used CLion but the IDEA platform is pretty plugin extendable. Any chance you could write one or better, that someone else already has?

        Did you see this article ?

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          IIRC that page doesn’t exist last time I checked (around a year ago). Thanks for the info!