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      Currently supported backend; gtk, html, tui

      Seems a little early to be saying “conquers all platforms”. Let me know when it supports iOS, Android, macOS and Windows.

      And that’s not just a matter of writing more back-ends. Every platform has its own unique UI features and idioms, which need to be supported to provide truly native apps. That requires design work at the core to support them.

      Even Apple’s own Catalyst porting layer has taken a lot of flak for producing apps that don’t work well on Mac, lacking basic features people take for granted.

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        I agree; this project seems to be in early days yet. I also agree that it’s really hard to achieve truly native-feeling features with a one-size-fits-all solution. I wonder if this will ever be achievable, or if it’s just something that’s going to be hard/impossible as long as we have multiple platforms.

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      I don’t like people lying. Gtk, html, tui isn’t truly cross platform.