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    I appreciate the sentiment, but this is article #10000 on why the web sucks.

    Perhaps it would be better to write good websites than to complain about the bad ones over and over again.

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      we’re a long way from the days when the browser ever finished executing (!) a site.

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        That “kudos” button that activates on mouse hover isn’t too great either.

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          So the modern web is comprised of Facebook, Twitter, and Medium. Got it.

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            That’s my problem with all these “the modern web sucks” articles. The web of the 90s and 2000s is still not only possible to create, it still exists. Sure, you give up Facebook and Twitter and Javascript and React but if you hate those things that should be easy.

            If you give up all the things that make the modern web suck, you get the web you want. The only downside is you’ve just given up the things that make the modern web… well, modern.

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            And we will all migrate to Gopher running on Multics 2020 edition powered by hardware Lisp Machines.

            We get it, the web sucks. Get over it!

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              That sounds great! Why get over it?