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    A lot of people work hourly. I recommend it actually. Seems like she could benefit from a place with flexible hours and hourly pay.

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      So developing for a job isn’t as fun as developing for fun, who would have thought?

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        “It’s only work if somebody makes you do it” (Calvin & Hobbes)

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        Very few coding jobs allow you to do the kind of work that hobby coders enjoy

        Might it be because businesses are not hobbies, and customers don’t pay them for fiddling with fun stuff?

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            This is a pretty standard thing to do once you’ve protected the master branch on a project, which is also a pretty standard thing to do.

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                You’re arguing against personal preference here.

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                  I take it you also don’t believe in continuous integration, et cetera?

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                      Ease up, man. This form of “my method is better – period” does nothing but alienate the argument and vilify the author (you). Imagine how this makes people feel.

                      I doubt you’re here to stroke your ego, so if you want to get your point across effectively, consider using a different approach than this.

                      ON TOPIC: There is no right answer here, as whatever works best for teams/groups/individuals will vary wildly.

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                          If you’re right, it’s enough to be right. Being rude to other people doesn’t make you more right.

                          Please take a look down your recent threads. The downvotes you’re getting are not incorrect. You’ve sometimes had good technical points to make, but your attitude and communication style has overwhelmed your ability to share your knowledge and be part of this community. If you care about participating effectively, you need to change the way you communicate. And if you don’t care, why bother posting?

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                              Stop insulting people and assuming their opinions come from ignorance, incompetence, and malice. If you can’t treat others with common courtesy, let alone kindness, you should leave. If you can’t be at all polite or be quiet, I’ll ban you. This is normal for Lobsters and the vast majority of online and offline communities.

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                                  pushcx has my full confidence. I’ve been involved in running various online communities for something like fifteen years now, and he’s doing fine. If anything, he’s doing a better job of parsing out people’s concerns here than I am, lately.

                                  I urge you to take the advice to examine your own recent words. I don’t think I have the ability to help, beyond giving that advice; this is really something you have to do yourself.

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