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      Totally by coincidence, I have a photograph from 2018 that is somehow strikingly similar to that picture of the VT100 in a hat: https://twitter.com/jmclulow/status/1027992913408454656

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      some fascinating insight into what life was like in the British office in the 1980’s

      What’s a bag of ‘potato chips’ doing in Britain? :-)

      Also, blurry though it is, the text in the penultimate picture looks like CJK (on the white paper left of two red pens in the lower left corner, and on the blue folder crisscrossed by white lines), so I’m not sure that one’s from the UK either.

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        Well, there’s also a French Minitel terminal in the first one [1] so I would not put much faith in the description! That said, it’s a fun collection of snapshots from… some place some time ago.

        [1] https://weare.guru/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/1980s-Offices-17.jpg

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        Yes, and they’re being eaten by someone in a Dartmouth jersey.

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      Honestly, I work at a bank, the only real differences are more paper and older computers.

      Bit more glass, too, in the decoration, but the vibe matches.

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      This one:


      … reminds me, in spirit, of a cleantech / control system startup I worked for back in 2013. Honestly gives me better vibes than a lot of modern, far more sterile, office environments.

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      Tim Hunkin’s “Secret life of machines” series had an episode about the office. It’s a fun watch and a similar time warp.

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      Surprised I didn’t spot any ashtrays, was the UK ahead of the US in banning indoor smoking?

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        Once upon a time people were allowed to do what they wanted: some employers banned smoking indoors and others permitted it.

        I’ve never been a cigarette smoker, but I miss those days.

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        I definitely remember colleagues of my father in the ‘80s having to go outside to smoke. Not sure how widespread it was, but given the quantity of paper I’d imagine that having a naked flame at your desk was a massive fire risk (and they had halon fire extinguishers in the office back then, so if the fire alarm went off you needed to leave quickly!).