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    This is a decent enough Graphs 101, but I was expecting it to have more actual problems that can be solved by graphs.

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      disconnected - the graph is made up of sub-graphs or it is bipartite.

      Just a small correction, but a bipartite graph can be connected. Here’s an example of a bipartite connected graph.

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        Is that graph connected, though? The red nodes aren’t connected to each other.

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          edit: That graph is connected because there is a path from every node to every other node. Wolfram alpha does a good job visualizing all the different connected bipartite graphs of size n (for small n’s) at the bottom of the page here.

          When the path from every node to every other node is a unique edge, then you have a complete graph.

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            aha! I always mix up ‘connected’ and ‘complete’ :P